Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

@Louai Torii - Public Features (it’s already marked as ‘Done’ and will be included in the next update)

I really like this app, theres a slight glitch at the very end of some example sentences but that is really the only thing i can find wrong with it right now.
The sentences themselves are really nice, especially the fact that they have audio, which is missing on wanikani tbh.
thanks a lot!

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What exactly do you mean by that, what’s the issue? ^^

I just did 20 lessons and i think 1/3 of them have this half second glitchy sound at the very end of the example sentence (I have enabled autoplay audio in the settings).
its hard to describe, maybe similar to an old dialup modem? That robotic/static noise, but its only for a fraction of a second, so its not really an issue tbh, just something I noticed.

Thank you very much for this! I am wondering if there is a possibility of having an iPhone version of this. Thanks again!


Could you make a webapp version like KaniWani?


@MacMalarkey Web development isn’t my area of expertise. Unless I get more into the webdev topic (which currently I don’t plan to do) or partner up with a web dev, there will be no webapp I’m afraid.

@ecsamar hm only with the help of the community. Distributing apps on Apple’s App Store is $100/year. As Torii is free, I already have to come up for web & database hosting expenses all by myself. That’s fine, but coming up for another $100/year is something I can’t do… Now, if we had a few people who really like Torii and would be willed to support it with a dollar or two on a monthly basis, an iOS app would be thinkable ^^

Btw there’s going to be a major update next week, stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your weekend :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I am very okay with an annual subscription or a one-time payment to download the app because I find this very useful, I hope the others are willing as well. I echo the earlier comment, though, on similar EN-JP & JP-EN items being reviewed back-to-back. I also experience frequent app shutdown and so I have to restart it again and again (I am using MacOS), I hope this gets covered in next week’s major update. Thanks again!

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Could you tell me a little more about those app shutdowns you’re experiencing? When do they happen and do they happen always in the same situation?

I am actually trying to figure out a pattern but right now I can’t find any. It just shuts down at some random point during a review or lesson session. One thing’s for sure, though, the fan in my Mac makes a loud sound whenever the app’s on so I am assuming it consumes more RAM than usual? That’s why I had to close it every time I’m done with the reviews, instead of just leaving the app on like the other apps I use on my computer.

This is a wonderful app, thank you so much for making this, and making it available on Android! :hatched_chick:

Is it possible to add which “Part of Speech” each word falls under? I find it immensely helpful to know whether a word is considered an adverb, intransitive verb, noun, etc.

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It’s there an specific end time the streak counts for the day or does it follow the local time before midnight from the OS?

I’ve used the app daily for 9 days and my streak was ended at 7 days for some reason. I’ve been also at 0 for current streak for 2 days straight. Sounds more like a bug.

macOS 10.13.5
Android 7.0

I currently use the app on macOS, I would definitely be willing to pay something to use it also on my iPhone. Not to mention that this would also mean you can put it also on the Mac App Store (no more problems with certificates and updates) :slight_smile:

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@ecsamar Torii’s RAM usage is generally very low. However, I just found & fixed a bug that could lead to excessive RAM usage over a longer period of time. Maybe that’s the issue on your end.
Do you use audio in your sessions? If yes, that’s most likely the reason for the crashes you’re experiencing (see below).

@JavaSparrow That should be doable, I’ll put it on the features list :slight_smile:

@mztik It follows the server time, which is CEST (UTC+2). After checking the logs I can confirm it’s not a bug, just bad timing :confused: To resolve this issue, I plan to allow users to change the time when their daily progress is reset. It’s on the list of features.

@Walter-it Yup that’s correct, enrolling in Apple’s Developer Program would be a double benefit for all the mac/ios users here :wink:

I just noticed how horrible the situation with audio playback became since I upgraded the backend. It doesn’t seem to be a problem on Android, but on Desktop I can’t even play 3 sound files in a row without crashing the app… I’ll find a solution for this asap.
If you’re experiencing a lot of random crashes, it’s probably best to refrain from using audio until the next update is released. Sorry for that ^^



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Hey, I really love this app. Thank you so much!

Is there a place I can view the sample sentences for the Vocab that has been learned? I would like to go through and practice the sentences after the words has been learned on my own.

Thank you again!

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Currently not. The possibility to browse through vocab that has been learned will be added in a future update.
If you’d like to practice sentences, you could check out for example ^^

Hey @Rakantor, any update on this? Hope things are progressing well. The app is really great. I’ve been studying on it on a daily basis.

Yes the update is planned for today’s afternoon/evening (it’s morning now where I live).
I’ll be putting Torii in maintenance mode later to prepare the update, so it will be down for about 1 to 3 hours.

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This took me a few days longer than I expected, but…

A major update is now live!

New features

  • It’s now possible to only review JA->EN or EN->JP at one time
  • Study Modes can be switched anytime without losing progress (Settings → Lessons)
  • A kana-only Study Mode has been added
  • WK vocabulary can be excluded from all Study Modes
  • Kana-only vocabulary can be excluded from all Study Modes
  • Improved typos tolerance for english words (similar to what WK does)
  • New lessons appear more randomly in order to avoid too many similar words in a row
  • Reviews appear more randomly in order to avoid always the same items being reviewed at the same time
  • Audio auto-play is now also available in review-sessions (Settings → Reviews)
  • Android: Study reminders (=push notifications) have been added
  • Kana-characters are now supported in notes
  • A character limit counter for notes has been added
  • You can now type Hiragana for Katakana-words
  • Settings now have descriptions
  • The changelog will now be displayed on the ‘Update available’ mask
  • Accounts can be (permanently) deleted
  • Added a simple Resource Monitor to keep track of RAM usage etc (press F12 to open)


  • [Experimental] Desktop: Audio related errors led to frequent crashes
  • Android: The keyboard no longer obscures the email/password fields
  • editing in the middle of a note returned the cursor to the text end with every keystroke
  • marking text in a note crashed the application if that note started with a line break
  • The application showed a higher amount of available lessons than there were left to learn
  • Japanese words that contain a lot of characters shouldn’t exceed the screen width anymore
  • The ‘I made my choice’ button on the Study Mode selection mask could be clicked even though there was no Study Mode selected
  • Not closing Torii could lead to excessive RAM usage over time in some cases

As always, please report any bugs/issues asap.