Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

@Rakantor I have a question regarding the 10k deck with about 9500 words: how many words from the 6000 WK words are included in that deck? Or simply: how many matching words are there in WK and the 10k deck?

There are about 3800 matching words. There are quite a few okurigana words on WK that are kana-only words in the 10k deck though, as they are usually written using kana alone (未だ - まだ, 出来る - できる, 皆 - みんな, etc). If you count these as well, it’s more likely 4000-4200 words.

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hi, thanks for creating the app. Just out of curiosity, I wonder what make this app different from Anki or Memrise?

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Thanks! That means, after finishing WK and the 10k deck you’ll have learned around 12k words if my math is correct

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I tried downloading it but my antivirus on my computer blocked your app and stopped the downloading saying “Virus Detected” :slightly_frowning_face:

@Louai hmm that’s odd, which antivirus software do you use?
I just did 3 scans of the files on Torii’s download site and indeed 2-3 (chinese) antivirus reported a virus for some reason… Here are the reports: windows version, mac version, linux version.
Those are false positives really, all the big antivirus are cool with Torii :wink:

@aanhlle I’m surprised this question hasn’t been asked before :slight_smile:
I did use both Memrise and Anki in the past for some time.
What I absolutely dislike about Memrise is it’s way of reviewing items, as it gives you a list of possible answers and you will have to pick the right one. It’s pretty easy to just guess the correct answer or to remember a word as soon as you have a look at the list.
Reviewing in Torii is like reviewing on WK. If you can’t remember a word, there’s no hint for the correct answer. I believe the learning process is much more effective that way.

Anki is quite complicated to set up and has a not so intuitive interface. It can take some time to get it working as desired and there’s also the hassle of finding the right deck to import.
Getting started with Torii is pretty straightforward - just get the application and start learning.
Anki seems a little outdated, it will be replaced by @neicul’s sooner or later anyway :smiley:


I am using McAfee AntiViruse

here take a look.

I liked the idea of your app, so I wanna try it :blush:

Well as I said it’s a false positive, if your antivirus keeps blocking the download you will need to temporarily disable it ^^

Yeah, McAfee has, in the past, recognised essential Windows files as being a virus, sooo…



I wonder if it is possible to change the study method later on after choosing one??

and thank you!

Just wanted to say that I’ve been using this for about five days now and it’s exactly what I needed!


@Louai Torii - Public Features (it’s already marked as ‘Done’ and will be included in the next update)

I really like this app, theres a slight glitch at the very end of some example sentences but that is really the only thing i can find wrong with it right now.
The sentences themselves are really nice, especially the fact that they have audio, which is missing on wanikani tbh.
thanks a lot!

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What exactly do you mean by that, what’s the issue? ^^

I just did 20 lessons and i think 1/3 of them have this half second glitchy sound at the very end of the example sentence (I have enabled autoplay audio in the settings).
its hard to describe, maybe similar to an old dialup modem? That robotic/static noise, but its only for a fraction of a second, so its not really an issue tbh, just something I noticed.

Thank you very much for this! I am wondering if there is a possibility of having an iPhone version of this. Thanks again!


Could you make a webapp version like KaniWani?


@MacMalarkey Web development isn’t my area of expertise. Unless I get more into the webdev topic (which currently I don’t plan to do) or partner up with a web dev, there will be no webapp I’m afraid.

@ecsamar hm only with the help of the community. Distributing apps on Apple’s App Store is $100/year. As Torii is free, I already have to come up for web & database hosting expenses all by myself. That’s fine, but coming up for another $100/year is something I can’t do… Now, if we had a few people who really like Torii and would be willed to support it with a dollar or two on a monthly basis, an iOS app would be thinkable ^^

Btw there’s going to be a major update next week, stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your weekend :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I am very okay with an annual subscription or a one-time payment to download the app because I find this very useful, I hope the others are willing as well. I echo the earlier comment, though, on similar EN-JP & JP-EN items being reviewed back-to-back. I also experience frequent app shutdown and so I have to restart it again and again (I am using MacOS), I hope this gets covered in next week’s major update. Thanks again!

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Could you tell me a little more about those app shutdowns you’re experiencing? When do they happen and do they happen always in the same situation?