Torii SRS, 10k or wanikani mode?

Guys, Should I use the 10k mode or the WaniKani supplement mode for Torii??

anyone have any advice?

thank chuuuu!

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That depends on what you wanna study. :sweat_smile: Only you can decide what that is…

Highly recommend to filter out the WaniKani words. The translations are regularly ‘just off’ (WK’s ‘left and right’ requires the answer ‘right and left’ in Torii and neither accepts the reverse unless you add synonyms or use the ignore button) and that gets frustrating really quickly.
I originally didn’t filter because I figured it would get me the EN->JP for these words, but the frustration wasn’t worth it. You can always do them later once the WK meanings are ingrained.


so I should select the WK mode? does this remove them?
thank u <3