Top right review info resetting constantly

We all know the top right bar where the percentage of “correct” reviews is shown, as well as the counter for completed reviews and the remaining ones. I’ve noticed that during the same review session, without taking a break or reloading etc., the counter for completed reviews resets to 0 and in my case never reaches 10. This also resets the “correct” percentage.

It’s really irritating since with the loss of the summary page, which I really miss (the one after the reviews, the summary page beforehand was indeed useless), I don’t really get a summarized feedback on my performance. The percentage would have shown me how well I did on the batch, not anymore though, and I don’t really see any motivating progress anymore.

If the summary page doesn’t come back, which is likely from what I’ve read, at least fix the top right corner please.


Do you have any userscripts running? It could be that it’s one of those causing the issue.


This could actually be it, didn’t think of it. Gonna try it later, thank you!

I think it’s double check possibly. Mine has a habit of resetting if I undo an answer. Although it’s usually a problem when I’m trying to wrap up instead.

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