Top Japanese Sites

Here’s a list of sites most frequented by people living in Japan (credit to Alexa ranking) in case anyone was curious :slight_smile:

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Unexpected to find Github on #21. In the UK it’s not even in the top 50.

Also: in the UK there are 4 porn sites in the top 50, including one at #14. o_O

Yeah, I’m actually a little impressed I don’t see porn until #35. In Denmark it’s #18. Wops.

Yeah, looks like the Japanese love their version controlling xD

There’s only 2 adult sites out of the 50 there xD

Alexa isn’t known for being particularly accurate. Their list is based on a browser toolbar that collects data, so there’s a bit of sample bias going on.

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Good point. I think that it gives some useful insight at least :slight_smile:

And good old stack overflow is in the 40’s both JP and US. I don’t know if I’m more impressed or skeptical about this. I wish it would let us look at the general data without the “advanced users” bs on some of the sites.

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Severe lack of tentacles on pornhub.

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