Took a yearlong break at level 21--how to get back into it?

I came back to find myself with 2400 reviews. I don’t want to start over completely, but I’m wondering if any of you in similar positions have used third party apps or extensions to control the pace at which you tackle all those reviews. I’m thinking of ordering my reviews by level…? But I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up with so many and having forgotten so much.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


Reorder by level, then clear bottom up at your own pace


It’s not possible to ‘not catch up’ as long as you are plugging away at it - you did them the first time around without this worry, so you are actually ahead of the game from having studied them before. Just do as Kumirei suggests and you’ll be fine.

Welcome back!


Thank you both! I decided to go back several levels to lighten the load and am starting with the oldest levels first.


I just reset to 19 after an 8~month break from Level 21! I’m also going oldest first, which is building my confidence back.

Good luck!!

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I’m interested in rejoining after a two year break, and looking at all levels, including burned words, I literally feel like I can’t remember any of them. Lol. How is the reset working for you? Idk if I should just start from like level 3, or just reorder and bring everything to the bottom and ‘reset’ that hard way.


in your case it’s probably better to reset to 3 or so. otherwise, i’d at least unburn those items using a script.

honestly you might remember a lot more than you think. I found it really helpful to reset back like 5 levels (21 to 16) and now I’m reviewing them in order by level. It’s starting to come back slowly but surely. I agree with Saimin though that you should unburn items you don’t recognize with a script.

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Tell me if this is genius or cheating my education.
I resub, I vacation mode, I install the self-study quiz API, I study through there to catch up on everything I’ve forgotten for an extended period of time, THEN restart my reviews and lessons?


I reset from 21 to 10 when I came back, it didn’t help as much as I’d have liked. A large number of radicals had been renamed since I started and none of the mnemonics stuck anymore. I ended up resetting to 3. Made it back to 10 and burned out again. I reset to 10 again recently and have been back for a while now. Pretty consistent now at 8-10 days a level. Yes there are a lot I did the first time through, but honestly I don’t remember that many.

Of course there is now a setting to use the old mnemonics.

It’s not a race, reset to the level you’re comfortable with, maybe go down by a few at a time.

Lastly whenever I have more than 150ish reviews I use a script to do back to back reading/meaning. I find it lets me get through them significantly faster at the expense of trouble remembering some of the more difficult ones.

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