Too much in one day

I am in the middle of lesson 20. So as I woke up at 6am, i had a list of 105 characters/expressions to review and pass the first 27 of the level to guru level. Immediately this unlocked 6 new kanjis and then another 70 expressions. I finished half the expressions by 7:30 and then have to work. I did the first review 6 characters and some 40 odd expression around lunchtime then proceeded to learn the remaining expressions. I arrived home at 8 Pm to a list of 120 to review which took me over 9Pm which added another 40. And looking at the schedule there are another 105 waiting for me at 10pm.
All in all this will be close to three hours of Japanese in one day. It’s just too much, close to 400 reviews today plus 70 odd new kanjis/expressions to learn
Am i doing anything wrong? Any recommendations?


Cut back on lessons and you’ll have less reviews. Seems excessive to do 100+ lessons in one day.


Most people space out their lessons to do X amount per day. Doing them all at once means you’ll get large waves of reviews, which isn’t super convenient and can really add up.

People seem to most commonly do anywhere from 5 to 10 to 20 lessons per day to try to keep things manageable.


Each lesson you do ends up growing your review pile. You should delay lessons until the review pile diminishes to a mangeable size. If you stop doing lessons for a while, little by little your review pile will diminish. Once it is at a manageable level you can start doing lessons again. Do a small number every day to avoid growing your review pile again. You will need to figure out which number is appropriate for you. People often use 20 lessons a day so you may use this number as a starting point.

A useful guideline is to limit the size of the apprentice count that make up the bulk of the reviews. You may keep them under 100 as a good guideline to start with. When the apprentice count grows over this number stop doing lessons until it is back under this number.


I find that if I keep my Apprentice queue at around 100, this helps me not get overwhelmed with too many daily reviews. If it’s less than my self-imposed cap, only then will I do lessons.

When I’m not feeling motivated, I will let that slip down to 50-75. I try to only do about of 5-20 lessons a day in bursts of 5-10 at a time so I don’t confuse them.

Occasionally I’ll fail multiple Guru (and maybe Master) reviews, they’ll drop to Apprentice level, and overflow my review allotment. I use that as a warning that I should slow down and focus on existing reviews instead of doing new lessons.

My Guru queue is usually around 250-450 depending on how long I’ve been feeling motivated and I generally never have more than 120 reviews pile up in a day. This is reasonably manageable for me and my (admittedly slow) pace. I’ve never felt particularly overwhelmed.

As someone else said, you should go at a pace you’re comfortable with, and so if you try this method, adjust these numbers as you see fit and be disciplined about it.

Hope this helps, and good luck moving forward!


I recommend not doing all your lessons at once when you level up. What I do is I use a reorder script to do the radical lessons first, then do the kanji lessons throughout the day, and then the vocab lessons with whatever time I have left that day but normally finishing up the vocab lessons the next day. So it’s normally like 40 lessons on the level up day and then 40-ish lessons on the next day.

Doing the radical lessons first let’s me continue at max speed while letting me breathe by spreading out the rest of the lessons over the next 2 days.

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Welcome to the 20’s. :slight_smile:

As many have found out, this is about the level where you can’t easily sustain clearing your lesson queue every time it comes up. Ask me how I know. :wink:

I’ve found the following to be extremely helpful in keeping up with WK:

  1. Keep Apprentice items around 100
  2. Keep Guru items around 500
  3. On a new level, do 20 lessons per day until the queue is cleared. You should unlock the next batches every 4-5 days.
  4. When you start a new batch, do 20 lessons per day until that batch is done.

That should give you about 10-15 days per level and seems to be a manageable pace.


It’s honestly quite impressive you managed to get until level 20 always doing all your lessons in one batch without burning out. I did the same mistake at the beginning and nearly burned out around level 13 :sweat_smile:

To stop the fire: Stop doing lessons completely but keep doing your reviews ever single day. It will be painful for a week or so, but the pressure should go down quickly. Then wait for your apprentice number to fall well under 100 before starting to do lessons again. You really want to stabilize your situation first.

Once the fire is gone, to most common advices to have a good wanikani experience:

  1. Always keep your apprentice number under a certain threshold. Most people use 100 as a good goal. Over 150/200 the pain starts.
  2. Space out your lessons
  3. If you want to keep a fast level up time, take a look at the ultimate guide. It explain how to reorder your lessons to ensure that the most important items are done first.

interesting choice of words.

i guess i am on a seven days per level as i was gorging on every new lessons as soon as they came out but that came at a price as yesterday with 300-400 reviews to be done. thanks for the advice

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I know exactly what you mean: :wink:

Although in my case I started to slip around level 16 or so. But level 22 is where I think I finally crashed and had to rethink everything.

Compare that to my last 5 levels:

I’m doing about 11 days per level and I took an extra 5 days on on level 31 to clear out some items before starting level 32.

I spent levels 28-30 trying out some things so
My current level is where I’m going to start doing 14 days per level and only start new levels on Mondays. I think that’s a decent compromise between going at a faster pace and slowing down every few levels. But we’ll see. I may have to change it up. :wink:

Don’t be afraid to try different things as you go.

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You can go seven days per level even with ~20 lessons per day if you prioritize kanji. That way the workload is more even.


I think you’ll want to do at least 25 or 30 per day, since 20 over 7 days is only 140 lessons, and most levels have 150+ items. Otherwise you’ll start accumulating vocab lessons.

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Well, true. But hence the squiggly :wink:

I mostly do all lessons in one sitting, and my review stacks are often ranging from 60 to 120 reviews. Not sure how long I can keep this up.

Probably another few levels or so when those Enlightened stacks start hitting you regularly.

At around 5 months your Guru queue will start filling up again unless you absolutely nail all the Enlightened items that come around.


i hover around 99% accuracy over 27k reviews but sometimes I come across a kanji I know that I should know but I struggle remembering it, and i’m afraid of the time It’ll show up as “burn or guru” in my reviews…

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That’s really good accuracy. Maybe you’ll be one of the few that gets through WK in just over a year. :smiley: 頑張れ

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Ah, I aimed for that but life happened and I’m already about a month behind schedule. What matters the most is to keep grinding!


I’m averaging just over 7 days and level, and don’t use scripts. I try to make sure I’ve cleared all my lessons when I’m about to level up, and then do the remaining vocab for the previous level, then the new radicals. Then I stop. Start the kanji the following day, and aim to have done at least all the kanji lessons by the time I guru the radicals (mutually I’ll try to do all the lessons by then).

Now that there are fewer kanji in the second batch, I’m finding there are fewer vocab to do as I level up, and I often know half the radicals as previous kanji. So I’ll often chuck in a few kanji, but only about 5, after the radicals.

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