Tofugu's new Japanese Grammar Index

Tofugu have released a Japanese Grammar Index.
What do you guys think?

It looks well researched. It’s not a guide, like Tae Kim’s, but maybe it will be tied to Tofugu’s Learn Japanese: A Ridiculously Detailed Guide, with pages referenced, as Index would suggest.
Maybe this is Koichi’s solution to EtoEto.


Or maybe this will become part of etoeto one day :thinking:


It looks nice! It’d be cool if they added some sort of list view/table of contents, but other than that I’m excited to peruse it.



I feel like searching some grammar points but can’t right now


This is great. Yet another useful resource :slight_smile:

I took a look at the articles on conditional と、たら、なら, as well as some other articles and it looks like they really put a lot of research into them ! Excited to see where it is going.

Oh nice :smiley: I will look at this in detail when I’m home and not on mobile

I learnt something new already:

Agree that it needs some kind of search though.


Well, お楽しですね。 :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow yes thank you for linking this one!

That’s where that comes from?!


It makes me wonder… did the ~み inflected nouns originally come from the 連用形 of む動詞 or from this nounification of 形容詞. :thinking:

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Yes. I quickly checked, and 楽しみ is even listed in the article (it’s the second one that came to mind after 旨み, so not surprising :p)

I have no idea. I don’t even know how to look up the history of grammatical structures :sweat_smile: Carvs would know, I guess, but they haven’t been on the forum in a while…

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My mind is well and truly blown. I’m not sure where I thought that construction came from :thinking: also, can you tell I rarely look at examples? :wink:

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悲しみ and 痛み are really common as well, which only further supports my question about them coming from the verb! Of course, it’s also possible that it went like

  • 痛い --> 痛み (using general-purpose grammar) --> 痛む (because people do what they want in language), until 痛む was a generally accepted verb.

The fact that some of the most common ones have both 形容詞 and 動詞 versions is suspicious though…

Where’s @Carvs when you need him.


Tofugu’s search function has been broken for a long time now, apparently.

And searching certain grammar points from Search Engine of our choice (Google, DuckDuckGo, etc) is considered not to be user friendly for the most user :thinking: I think.

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Looks like they did finally add a link to their Grammar Index down the bottom of the Intermediate Level Japanese section.

They’ve added these pages at the top to help make things a little more structured.

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