Tofugu Should Buy Bunpro

Bunpro is working on audio, its just hard for them because they aren’t bringing in any money.

It’s an interesting thought and I can imagine that, if it worked out, you’d get an amazing all-round resource for learning Japanese. Although alas, I’m sure that Koichi and the gang are far too busy working on EtoEto/Wanikani to seriously think about an acquisition or partnership of this kind right now.

Yeah, that’s basically what they told me… Fair enough I’d say, people have to eat and pay rent n all that shizzle.

What they’ve created is still an incredible resource. If I had the money I would totally buy there lifetime account that they’ve recently implemented.

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A lot of Genki users use WK, I think Tofugu should buy The Japan Times.


I agree with the main poster. Mostly.

I think they should buy Bunpro and then convert it into a bun picture gallery.

We all need more buns in our life. Citations are listed below to prove my point:


I approve


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