Tofugu Should Buy Bunpro

I’ve found Bunpro to be an excellent resource to help me memorize grammar. I feel like if it was owned by Tofugu, there would be a nicer UI, and it would be a higher quality website in general. I also think it would expand the amount of users Bunpro has.

I know this will never happen, but what do you guys think?


Nah, Tofugu should buy Netflix.


You listed reasons why Bunpro would want to be bought by Tofugu, but not really anything about why Tofugu should want to buy Bunpro. They have a lot to prove as a business.


To make more money? I think most people here have a positive feeling toward Bunpro. A good amount of Bunpro subscribers will also probably be subscribed to WaniKani.

I feel like if Togufu hired some extra employees instead, Bunpro would never exist in the first place.

But who are we to talk about how Tofugu’s biz is done. The only thing we know is that we have 22 new lvl 60 per month (@Caracal congratz <3). We don’t even know the detailed long-term vision of the team.


How exactly do you know it would make them more money? What do you know about the financials of Bunpro or Tofugu? This is not a thing that they’d decide lightly (i.e. without knowing anything about the financial situations of either one).

Plus, being that Bunpro took inspiration from WaniKani. WaniKani already has the Bunpro system pretty well in place. (SRS, ‘more info’ etc). It wouldn’t take WaniKani too long to just rip off Bunpro if they wanted. In fact, buying Bunpro and then trying to incorporate it into the WaniKani code base could take longer.

Considering Bunpro has been free until now, I can’t imagine the upkeep is terribly expensive.

Because the creators are working for free essentially.

I have no idea if they’re going to earn enough money to support full time salaries. Who can at this point.

Plus (and this has been talked about a ton in the dedicated Bunpro topic) the site still has a long way to go before it’s “done”.

Thanks for making this topic. I hadn’t heard of bunpro until now. I’ve just registered and checking it out. A grammar srs sounds awesome.

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I really appreciate the work that the people who created Bunpro, have done. I just registered on the site and it looks very convenient and sort of similar to Wanikani. And since Wanikani is a great site heheh…

Anyway. Hmm, not sure about the buying part. Also, I wonder why Tofugu hasn’t already come up with a grammar version of Wanikani or so that grammar would be an additional course to buy on Wanikani. I bet that many people would purchase it. Idk, then the vocabulary used in Wanikani could be integrated to levels on a grammar version.

edit: even if Tofugu bought the site, they would have to work on/modify it so that it would fit the current style of Tofugu and I feel like it’d be the same for Tofugu to just create something on their own.


I don’t know about buying, though a partnership seems like a good idea…

They’re working on something called EtoEto, but it likely won’t be released anytime within a decade


Why do you only look at Tofugu’s point of view that it might, and only might, surely, would make good money. How about looking at the creators’ point of view, maybe they don’t want to sell it?


I keep hearing whispers in the wind about this thing… Is it going to be a grammar focused resource?


It is the successor of TextFugu, so basically a textbook for self-learners, only improved and more interactive.

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Ah yeah now I remember, I had completely forgot about it!

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EtoEto is the #1 Japanese resource Vaperware.


If I thought Bunpro wanted to sell their business, this topic would be called “Bunpro should sell their business to Tofugu.” Again, I know this is something that will never happen, I just thought it would be cool.

Edit: Also, I was mostly looking at it from a learner’s point of view. I think it would be much better if grammar was sorted into levels like WaniKani is, and it would tell you when it’s time to learn a new grammar point. This could be coordinated so that the example sentences for vocab words can actually be read by beginners.

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Yes. Wish we could get a lousy update once every couple years…

So it will be the yin to wanikani’s yang? After my experience on WK anything Tofugu make makes me somewhat excited.

I just hope it has high quality audio… I reckon it might, it’s probably the reason the thing is taking so long. I wrote an email to bunpro regarding audio and they basically said yeah we’d love to but that is so time consuming and we can’t make it a priority at the moment.