Tofugu Out of Context: The dirtiest explanation of Japanese possible


Here’s the full article:


I’m happy to see Tofugu is expanding their guides outside of Japanese. This will really broaden their demographic.


Your username is also part of the amusement, given the context.


If you’re talking about the OP’s username, it reminded me of this:
(If you were talking about Borx’s username, enjoy this completely random and off-topic video.)



:scream: :scream: :scream:


That’s no Borx!


It is now.


Are @OverlordBorx and @Borx the same person? :roll_eyes:


I would never claim to be the goodest boy nor do I idolize Onodera.


As @Borx, I do idolize Onodera, but I am also the goodest boy


Why isn’t this in my Out-of-Context thread? XD

… So beautiful. XD