Tofugu level-shamed me in email wahhh

I’ve been grinding away a couple times a day for a week, and today I got an email from Tofugu that was so sad and surprised that I’m still at Level 1! It asked if I’m doing okay. It has sad face emojis.

I’ve been working hard! I just have a bunch of kids and a job with firewalls and a heavy workload. Also, I am terrible at typing in Japanese on my phone.

I really though I was making good progress. I’m sorry, WaniKani-sama! I’ll keep working hard.


W-Wait really :joy: I was on level 1 for 60+ days and I never got anything like that.

Don’t worry, you’re making good progress - I’m sure WaniKani-sama isn’t disappointed in you, just checking in :ok_hand:t4:


When you do lessons, make sure you won’t be distracted, and spend some time on the mnemonics.

You are just typing in the romaji, and letting WK convert for you, right? If so, it is just a question of slowing down to check your answer.


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