Tobira study group

If some of you use Bunpro, there’s a dedicated path there for Tobira. I’m going to use that to help reinforce the grammar from Tobira.


I’ve already gone through the Tobira path on Bunpro, though I’ve never actually used it in tandem with the book itself, haha… I do have the book now though, so I’d love to join if I have the time! :+1:


This sounds neat. I have only gone through the first chapter of Tobira and can use a little more motivation for grammar. I haven’t done one of these study groups yet either but I am willing to give it a try.



Brilliant, I am in! I was planning to find time to start it myself (have the books), and this will give a nice boost. One chapter per two weeks would be good, one per week most likely too tough.

I am also on Bunpro, but have not done the Tobira path (working with the bunpro N4 instead, not yet much N3)


Looks like most of you want to spend 2 weeks per chapter, so we’ll go with that!

My next question is: Should we keep the discussion in this thread or should we make a separate thread for each chapter? I think I want to keep everything here but I can make separate threads for each week if you want that.

I see that the previous study groups for Tobira have given up after a few weeks. I would love to keep this group alive for a long time so we actually get through the book!

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Searching to see if others already asked the same question might be easier if everything was in one thread!
If the OP is organised like a book club one, this could still be well organised – see ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol. 3 🧹 for an example of a single thread for a whole manga. It has a table that links to the “opening post” of each chapter – where @Radish8 posts a participation poll and we can see who is still there, and discussion of the given chapter starts from there on.
Of course the exact same format also works with links to separate threads, as long as there is a home thread to find them all again.

I too hope this group will get to the end without fizzling out!

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I think it would be neat to follow the bookclub format - one main thread, and separate threads per chapter?

I haven’t tried scouting previous study groups on Tobira, but it’s probably since the reading material gets longer, harder (vocabulary wise) (and less interesting, but this is me) as chapter progresses. I hope we can also get through the end of the book since I only read the articles and didn’t pay attention to any of the grammar notes/exercises :sweat_smile:

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It will probably be easier to find what we’re looking for later with a separate thread per chapter. Let’s try it and see how it works.

I made the first thread now, and I’ll link to it in the first post in this thread too:


Any interest in a poll at the main post each chapter like the book clubs, to gauge who’s participating, if people are behind, etc? This study group seems more structured than past study groups I’ve seen, so I think I might join in.


Sure, good idea!

Tobira’s separate grammar book is pretty good, too.

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Wooh, this sounds good. Began with Tobira just a week ago myself, this sounds like a nice speed, 1 week per chapter! 'Tis also my first time joining a group/club in the forums, been mostly lurking in the background while leveling full-speed. Glad to be here :smiley:

Can also attest to this, it has some good exercises!

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We’ll spend 2 weeks on each chapter though. I think I’ll work on the main book the first week and the grammar book the second week.

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gotcha! :smiley:

For planning purposes (and because stats are lovely), I’ve compiled the various chapter topics, by page count. I’ve left off grammar, vocab, and kanji as those are integrated into the chapter topics, not really stand-alone work.

I liberally combined some sections, which only appear in some chapters but not others to keep the columns down. Generally they appear instead of or right after the category I combined them into anyway…Tobira please be consistent. :sob:

Chap 本文を読む前に 読み物 会話文 内容質問 会話練習 ペアワーク 言語&文化ノート
CH1 2 Pages 2 Pages 3 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 1 Pages 1 Page
CH2 2 Pages 4 Pages 4 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages
CH3 2 Pages 3 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 1 Pages 1 Pages
CH4 1 Page 2 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 1 Page 1 Page
CH5 2 Pages 6 Pages* 2 Pages 2 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page 3 Pages
CH6 1 Page 3 Pages 3 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 0 Pages 2 Pages
CH7 1 Page 7 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 1 Page 1 Page
CH8 2 Pages 2 Pages 3 Pages 1 Page 0 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page
CH9 2 Pages 3 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages
CH10 1 Page 2 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page 2 Page 1 Page 1 Page
CH11 1 Page 2 Pages 3 Pages 1 Page 3 Pages 0 Pages 2 Pages
CH12 2 Pages 2 Pages 3 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 0 Pages 1 Page
CH13 2 Pages 3 Pages 2 Pages 2 Pages 3 Pages 0 Pages 2 Pages
CH14 1 Page 2 Pages 3 Pages 1 Page 2 Pages 2 Pages 2 Pages
CH15 1 Pages 6 Pages 2 Pages 1 Page 0 Pages 0 Pages 1 Pages

*Chapter 5 & 7 dropped a 言語ノート right after the vocab followed by a multi-page comic.
*Chapter 8, 12 also dropped a 言語ノート after vocab.
*Chapter 11, 12 hides a 言語ノート after the grammar.

If I missed anything please let me know!


Oh, this sounds great, please count me in! :high_touch: Thanks so much for organizing it!

This book has been sitting on my shelf for the past two or three months, and it looks at me longingly every time I walk past it. And regarding timeframe, it looks as perfect as can be – JLPT is July 5th*.

* I don’t plan on actually passing the N3, just to take it. But if I actually study properly, who knows?

Edit: Ah, I just realized that the June 28 milestone is only covering the first 5 chapters, so maybe it won’t reach N3. But still, I think I’ve seen most of the grammar points in other books so the review is good regardless. :v:


Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! And good luck with your studies! Going through the first 5 chapters in the book will surely help, even if we don’t get through all of the N3 grammar points before the deadline.

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Is your location still hosting the jlpt this Summer?

Yes, but I’m in Japan so it’s not much of a surprise. :wink:

It remains to be seen lol.