Tobira study group - chapter 2

I’ll try to answer the 読み物 questions on page 39. Please correct me if you want! Or answer the questions yourself without looking at my answers and then we can compare.










はい、あります。Kan ikke - kan’ke, vil ikke - vi’kke, gjør ikke - gjø’kke








I’ll try to translate the dialogues on page 34 and 35 too. They are hard to translate because of the different speach styles, but I’ll give it my best effort. Please correct me if I made some mistakes! I know the translation isn’t 100% literal. How do you translate さん and 頑張って?!

Page 34:

Kobayashi: Yes, hello.
Kimura: Excuse me, is this the Kobayashi residence?
Kobayashi: Yes, this is Kobayashi.
Kimura: Well, my name is Daisuke Kimura, but is miss Kumi there?
Kobayashi: Oh, you are Daiskue. Kumi is always indebted to you (That sounds really weird in English!)
Kimura: No, the pleasure is all mine. Well, the thing is I sent many messages to Kumi’s cell phone, but I haven’t recieved any reply…
Kobayashi: Is that so. I’m sorry. I heard that Kumi left her cellphone somewhere yesterday.
Kimura: Is that so. Is miss Kumi there now?
Kobayashi: Well, right now she’s not here.
Kimura: Oh, is that so. Then I’ll try to call her later. Thank you for your help.
Kobayashi: Is that so. OK. Thank you.
Kimura: I’ll excuse me for now.
Kobayashi: Excuse me.

Page 35

Daisuke: Hello
Kumi: Ah, Daisuke. I’m sorry. I didn’t reply today.
Daisuke: That’s OK. I’m sorry too that I couldn’t see you.
Kumi: That’s OK. Are you busy at work?
Daisuke: Yes. The section chief asked me in a hurry to prepare the data he needs for a meeting tomorrow.
Kumi: Oh no, that’s hard.
Daisuke: Yes. I’m still at work. I have been here for 11 hours.
Kumi: Oh. You had better go home.
Daisuke: Yes. But there are still a few things I need to do.
Kumi: Is that so. Don’t work too hard.
Daisuke: Yes. I’m really tired but I can do it.
Kumi: Can I see you tomorrow evening? Can we go somewhere and eat something delicious?
Daisuke: Well, I don’t know yet. But if it looks like I can leave the office early, I’ll call you.
Kumi: But I don’t have a cell phone now!
Daisuke: Yes, right. Well, can you call me from there around 5?
Kumi: Yes, I understand. I’ll call you then.
Daisuke: OK. Well, until tomorrow!
Kumi: Yes, good luck with your work!
Daisuke: Thank you!

Chances are that you don’t care anymore or already know it but 千尋 (Chihiro) is simply the main character’s name which gets changed to 千 (Sen) by the witch

The reason I’m posting in this old thread is that I’ve recently started working my way through Tobira. Probably won’t catch up to you guys but those threads are still helpful!