Tobira 1 Beginning Japanese's answer keys

I recently bought the Tobira 1 book and realized that there’s no answer keys to the practice questions and activities. Does anyone know where are them?

I haven’t used the Beginning book but if it’s anything like the intermediate book then there is an answer key for the workbook but not the textbook. Tobira is notorious (or at least it used to be, maybe current users can speak further on it) for being very difficult for self-studiers due to the lack of explanations and answer key. It’s designed to be taught in a classroom, so they have “teacher’s guides” but no exercise answers.

That being said, you can always post your sentence/grammar practice here on the forum and we would love to help you out and practice with you. Good luck!


There is now a whole video series explaining all the stuff. At least for the beginner book. I enjoy it for self study

Do you happen to have a link or search term for that series? Currently struggling with a particular exercise with no audio.

Most audio and video lessons are available in the official website: if it isn’t there, maybe you could use a text-to-speech online like Japanese Text to Speech
hope this helps

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