To hold off new lessons or not

So, I’m kind of realizing why the labels “death” and “hell” are given to levels 20 to 40. Currently I’m on level 26 and with over a thousand items burned, over a thousand at enlightened, my daily review count has gone up quite a lot recently. I had a couple of days where I was busy enough to do some light reviewing in free pockets of time, but I also went up from level 25 to 26 … and the last couple of days I’ve been having about 350 to 400 reviews a day … which I’m just about keeping on top of. However, this said, I also have heaps of other Japanese study / practice on the go and part of me is saying that I should slow down on doing new lessons for a while until I get my daily review down to a manageable figure … like I say, 250-ish fits in with everything else okay … or I set my alarm clock an hour earlier for the next month or so.

Question - I’m not in any rush to get to the end of this journey, having looked at my stats, I’m not setting the world on fire, yet I don’t feel my progress is that shabby … having over a thousand items in enlightened, I wonder if it’s a good idea to hold off the lessons when I next level up to get some of those enlightened items burned … thus bringing down my daily amount of reviews?

Can I actually resist doing lessons … I’m not sure I can … they’re too tempting.

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Looks like you have 351 apprentice items right now… So yeah, you should probably stop doing lessons for a while.


You could also just cut back. I can’t tell what your pace is, but doing half your normal lessons per day would be a compromise between continuing and taking a break.

This doesn’t really solve the problem. You could take a break until the queues go down, but if you just resume afterwards with the same study strategy it will just happen again and again.

If you’re getting more reviews than you can handle in a day either you have too many leeches, low overall accuracy, or you’re doing too many lessons per day in the first place. It’s also possible you took the 4 day level too fast, but that would only be adding fuel to the fire at this point. Considering there’s around 160 items or so in a typical level your apprentice stack is huge.

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I’m not sure how many lessons you do per day, but I’d probably taper off the number or spread them out before I stopped doing them. I think it is best to make small adjustments.

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Yeah, it’s really the size of my apprentice stack that’s the issue. I usually level up every couple of weeks or so (12 to 16 days on average). I usually do all the lessons at the start of each unlocked level, so that usually adds sixty or so items to the stack. I was perfectly good up until level 24, with my apprentice stack never going beyond two hundred … but right now, having just unlocked another seventy items on level 26 and having quite a lot of vocabulary words still at apprentice level from level 25 … my stack in apprentice is about 350. Time to throttle back a little :slight_smile:

This is why I don’t understand people who do all lessons right away. The human brain can only properly learn a few new items at a time. You’ve probably also seen at least 500 threads warning not to let apprentice go over 100. I do 20 items a day, every day, and my apprentice stays under 100 (briefly 105-110 sometimes, usually 85ish), and I still level up every 7 days. It’s about proper management and knowing your limits. I’m pretty sure you knew the right answer when you made this thread. It’s all about cost-benefit analysis.

EDIT: Yes, I do use the reorder script, but since I am diligent with my pacing, my vocab never lags more than 20-30 behind (and sometimes I bump my day up to 25 to catch up a bit).


Spread the lessons out a bit more <- long term

Hold off on new lessons and actively work on your current items until it comes down <- short term

Also, if you find yourself at the point where you are honestly making mistakes, that is the warning sign that you need to not pile on more new stuff, and really get a thorough grip on what has already been introduced. (This is applies universally, not just to WaniKani).

Thanks for your reply - yeah, I kind of knew the answer before I posted. Generally, I start each level by making a memory palace of the new kanji I’ve unlocked and then use the reviews to find out which mnemonic stories aren’t working their magic. That’s worked pretty well up until now, but yeah, having just reached a point where I’m thinking … hang on … having this many reviews is getting kind of out of hand … time to hold off a little until I reduce the backlog of apprentice level items.

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