"To Enter" Vocabulary Reading

On Lesson 1 I’m trying to enter the vocabulary reading for “To Enter”. When I type in はい it gets rejected. It looks correct in the graphic but the sample audio sounds like there’s a で or づ at the end. Any help with what I’m doing wrong would be most appreciated!



I think that you forgot to write the ‘る’ ar the end. There is a ‘ru’ sound at the end.
I hope that helped!


Fantastic, thank you so much! Now I get it… :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help :smiley:

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So basically if there are any hiragana after the kanji you need to include them in your answer.

For example いっぱい you need to actually write: ちからいっぱい even though the only kanji there is ちから

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I always make confusion by reading this verb when it is on te form,

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