To Become ~ NaRu?

Hello I am working on finding a pattern to study after learning the ‘To Become’ ninaru and kunaru at BunPro. I understand the basic pattern but do not understand the longers ending like for shizuka ~ shizukaninaranakatta. I have looked around the internet and would like to see a table of all the endings that I can memorize easily.

ならなかった is なる in the negative past form


Most dictionary resources also include conjugation tables.

For instance

Click “show inflections” on the left.


Sounds like it’s about time for you to start studying how verbs are conjugated.

Or start here in Tae Kim which starts with classifying verbs, then moves on to negative tense, past tense and past-negative tense.


I think that verb chart is very information rich, but it’s hardly user friendly. In other words, it’s a handy reference, but a poor guide.

I think the verb section in this cheatsheet is easier to follow


A good tool for conjugations


My standard disclaimer when linking to CureDolly: The voice filter will make you want to turn the video off, but consider giving it a go. Full subtitles are added to the videos.

After I watched this, conjugation was no issue any more. ^^ It’s all very easy and straightforward, really.

Conjugations apart from te and ta form
Te and ta form for completion

Edit: whoops - had both links directing to the same video there for a moment. Fixed now.


Has the creator ever addressed that? Seems like they’re intentionally shooting themself in the foot.

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sigh Unfortunately, yes.

Pretty much every video has it being brought up in the comments.

Her “shtick” is that she’s an android, and when someone brings it up, politely and legitimately wanting these good teachings to reach a wider audience, she just mentions that her settings as an android, visuals and audio, are already as good as she can get them.

So, I don’t know why, but she seems to have reasons for wanting her voice like this, or close to this.

Athough, I’ve also seen mentions that her newer videos are a bit better, but I haven’t gotten to those yet. So fingers crossed that she’s evolving. :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah, I guess when you consider that the consensus among even fans is that it’s not a good thing, to continue to use it has to be a mindful decision, but it’s just hard to fathom what that thought process is.

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There’s some emotional reasoning, or irrational thoughts driving the decision, I think. Insecurity about their voice or diction, or maybe something deeply personal and unexpected.

When I read read the explanations there’s a genuine desire for viewer’s to find the videos helpful, as well as seemingly ignoring the elephant in the room.

After balking the first time I watched, I’ve decided to just get onboard because like @Omun I found them super helpful to understanding conjugation.

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