Tired of Americanised spellings


This is my personal feedback as a speaker/writer of British English. The Americanised spellings (and, crucially, vocab) are tiring me out. For some reason, there were a lot more synonym options set for British spellings in the early levels, but they seem to have disappeared for me now. While I can (and do) add the normal spelling to every word I encounter, it’s quite annoying, since it can be almost every other word. Since some of the early levels have already been updated by Wanikani for British spellings, I would love for the rest of the levels to follow suit. This is also an occasional issue of vocabulary, eg 通販 “mail order” is not used at all in the commonwealth and it took me quite a bit of googling to figure out what it meant. Even better, a settings options that allows users to set the default spelling to British or US would be amazing.

I hope the blunt feedback is alright, I otherwise really appreciate this app.


It isn’t? What do we use instead, then?


I think they should add Spanish and other languages, too.


And while we’re at it, I think they should add a personal massager and a spa visit


Unless the word is like 3 letters long, you can spell them however you want. You certainly don’t have to add user synonyms for stuff like this.

Unlike me that add synonyms in Swedish, completely different words, you have plenty of room to just spell words differently or completely misspell them and still get them right most of the time (there is a limit on how wrong you can be but it’s certainly not enough to discern between American and British spelling). :woman_shrugging:


Serious Answer: Maybe there is some workaround to this the team could implement with a tweak of settings to add “British English.”

Non-Serious Answer: Why the fuck do you want to type more letters than you need? Why don’t you guys just become a cultural superpower again and change it that way? I can’t hear your criticism over my American English kicking your British English butts like its 1776! WOOOOOOOOO!


You guys spell these differently? What is the equivalent of “And”? I couldn’t even imagine.

To be fair I’ve never heard this in America. I’ve only ever seen this as translations for Japanese related purchases because I’m a filthy weeb.




Can’t tell if you’re joking or if you actually misread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most words have hidden items on the allow list with both spellings, so it makes no difference.


Seems I misread. That’s such a weird way to write that… british people am I right?

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