Tips for remebering vocab

I breeze through the kanji’s, but with the vocab is goes way slower. Anybody got tips how to remember it better and recall?

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Which part do you usually have trouble with? Reading or meaning? You can reinforce either by repeating out loud the reading or meaning with either review. Also make sure you have the sound setting enabled while you do lessons and reviews.

You can also google the troubling words, to get more information, and more examples. A google image search can help as well to visualize the words.

It can also help to let your grammar catch up to your WK level, so you can go find the words in native materials.

I would also recommend adding meanings in your native language, instead of English. You just have to be careful you are translating the right concept.

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There’s a good technique actually.

First, take a small piece of paper, could be a post-it note. Write the vocab using kanji in the middle of the sheet. Then, flip it and write the definition and the back side.

When you finished writing stick the note on your forehead and give yourself a slight tap on the top of the head.

Jump on your left leg once and spin around to the left three times. Each time you return to your original orientation say the vocab pronunciation once.

Then, jump on your left leg once and spin to the right thrice, each time saying the vocab meaning.

Finally, clap your hands twice and bow to show respect to the Crabigator. After that take the note off your forehead fold it in half twice and put it in your mouth. Chew 10 times while mentally repeating the meaning and reading. Now swollow. You can use some water to make it easier.


Most of the time meaning.

Then I would suggest looking it up in other dictionaries, doing image searches, and translating to your native language.

But @d-hermit suggestion is also bound to pay off! Maybe do two extra spins to the left, to really get that meaning fixed!


Are you using any kind of reorder script?

Yes, I do.

That may be the issue. The vocab and the kanji reinforce each other. So if you are seeing vocab long after the kanji have been guru’ed then it can be harder to remember them.

Try doing the vocab for the guru’ed kanji before the next batch of kanji and see if your recall improves.

If these are things that are only coming up in WK, potentially you’re not doing enough reading outside WK at your level.

If you’re not seeing the vocab in the wild, its not surprising you’re forgetting the meaning.

And I agree, spin to the left three times

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