Tips for Bad Short Term Memory

Oh and two other decisions that I made that I think help but of course can’t really prove:

  • I started using a font randomizer (the one built into Flaming Durtles on mobile, Jitai on web)

  • After reading the debates on this forum about the ‘interleaving’ concept e.g. here, I decided to reorder my reviews so that radicals and kanji always come before vocab. I don’t think mixing them together is good ‘interleaving’ – in real life you’re only reading words, not lone radicals or kanji. I wish the WK team would do a study or something to test whether it actually improves accuracy.

  • (Bonus: I also use the ‘reading before meaning’ setting in my reviews. I’m not so confident about that one but I think it’s setting me up better to read fluently.)