Tiny Goals with Wanikani

Do you folks have tiny goals that you like to keep up on with WaniKani? My personal one at the moment is keeping my Master level items at a larger number than my Guru level items.

Share yours below!


Misunderstood instructions, have reverted some Guru items back to Apprentice to bring total lower than the Master items…


Seriously though, how do you maintain this goal? I just let my numbers go up and down organically.


I like to look forward to little milestones like “first Master item”, “first Enlightened item”, “first 500 items at Enlightened”, “Gurud all Grade 1 kanji” etc. It gives you a feeling of progessing fast and encourages you to hit the next milestone.


I just keep up with it every day. I mess up a lot of items (which can be seen with my insane guru count lol) but try to commit each one to memory whenever I do miss it. There are some that have a constant spot in guru for me.

I.e. 間, 相手, so on :sweat_smile:


Ai ai ai, you seem to have a weakness to ai words. :grin: To be fair I messed those up a lot too, they’re finally in Master for me, and I hope I’ll never see them in Guru again


Ai, ai do indeed. :nerd_face:


Hahah i totally relate to this. Right now my number of items in master is less than my number of items in guru and it’s really bugging me!!

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My “tiny goal” that i try and reach with each big review session (30+ reviews or something) is getting as close 90% as i can each time.


That’s a good one! I feel like every time I complete a set of reviews and receive a score below 85% I should start studying those items immediately.


I do this because I discovered when the master/guru inversion happened that I was really, really unhappy. Keeping the master count above the guru count makes for happier review days.

If the guru count gets above the master count I stop doing lessons until the inversion is fixed. It’s kind of like being told to go to your room and not come out until it’s clean. You don’t have anything to do so you might as well clean up the guru count.


I don’t personally do this one a whole lot. I’m a bit silly and stubborn in the fact that I do all my new lessons as soon as I get them. It’s tough. But I find I’m still able to keep up with it for the time being. I’ve stated in the past that I’ll likely move to a more drawn out regiment. But for now, this isn’t too overwhelming. That’s not to say it won’t be in the future :sweat_smile::woozy_face:

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I have the Review Answer Streak installed, and always strive to beat my high score. Just finishing up the level 4 vocab that has a ton of 気 and 見 vocab. (11 and 7 vocab respectively). I think outside of one vocab, they all use the same readings, so they’ve really stuck. My streak is now getting seriously inflated and when I eventually miss a word, it’s going to be a lot of work to best the score. :sweat_smile:


My tiny goal will be to detach from Wanikani between reviews and not check the forum so often :grin:


Be wary of the POLL thread. :slight_smile:

EDIT Not that it isn’t a fun place, it’ll just take ALL of your time. :smiley:

Pshaw, POLLfam doesn’t bite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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“My tiny achievement” is to burn at least an item aday.

How spread out are your burns? I often have several days between burn opportunities.Except that might change since I’ve been pretty consistent with lessons every day, lately… That’s my small acievement, btw!


No idea. But i have 1400 enlightment item. That might be why🤷‍♂️

If you do lessons everyday, it makes sense that you’d habve bruns every day, down the line, as long as you do all your reviews. I have 2346 Enlightened items, but I was a bit more spotty with my lessons at times, and sometimes I’d put off reviews for a day.

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I feel this. My first burn reviews are coming in on 12/7. Maybe I’ll update here when that time rolls around.