Tintin in Japanese

I’ve been a fan of Tintin for years (despite his white supremacist tendencies) and have noticed there are Japanese translations. I’m just starting to read and work through N4 grammar. Has anyone read the Japanese translations? The advantage for me would be I have the English translations.Do you think they would be educational and interesting for a beginner, or should I stick with native stuff.


I haven’t read the Japanese translations but am reminded that Tintin in Japanese is Tantan for reasons that have embarrassed me in front of students.

If you’re familiar with the stories, I think that you have nothing to lose trying to read the Japanese translations. It’s probably a good way to build confidence and ease yourself into it.


Amazing :+1:



Hah, yeah.
Funnily enough, “chinchin” is also the command word for dogs to “Beg” in japanese, I learned that recently. It sometimes lend itself to amusing jokes in less-than-appropriate mangas.


And now I’m wondering where the British get “chin chin!” from…

Hmmm. Sources I’m seeing say it’s either derived from a Chinese salute or an Italian one. Interesting.

No idea, but for the japanese, I heard two theories:

  • 鎮座する (ちんざする) which would mean “to enshrine” and maybe refers to a pose guardian dogs adopt in shrines?
  • ちんちん丸見え so, a pose that fully shows the chinchin, a bit more literal…

But even the japanese don’t know, apparently. :sweat_smile:

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Estoy muy oxidado en el Francés ¿podrian traducir las burbujas de dialogo al inglés?

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That’s actually closer to the french pronunciation of Tintin !


“My dear friends, today I’ll talk about your country : Belgium!”
“Hey, Tintin, those two are chatting”

“We’ll begin, if you allow me, with a few additions. Who can tell me what 2+2 makes? Nobody? Come on, 2+2? 2+2 equals…?”
“Tintin, those two over there are chatting…”


thank you!

  1. 「みんな、今日はきみたちの祖国ベルギーの話をしよう。ベルギーは、いわゆる…」
  2. 「いいかな、みんな。まずは足し算の勉強をしよう。2足す2がわかる人?・・・誰もいないのか?…さあ、2足す2だよ?…2足す2は?・・・どうだ、答えられる人は?…2足す2は?一」

Asterix in Japanese. Now that would be a challenge -pig latin jokes in japanese. Alea jacta est.


I actually did a quick research about it today when I came across this topic.

They tried: three albums were published in Japan in the 1970’s but it never became popular. They’re probably very difficult to find nowadays but I’d be curious to see how they translated all those names.


As a follow up to this if anyone searches this in the future. I ended up getting quite a few of the Tintin books and they have been very fun and educational for me. I started trying to read them when I was level 15 doing n5 grammar and I could probabably read about 10% without using a dictionary. Now at level 30 finished n4 grammar i can probably read about 60%. If my non kanji vocab was better it would be more. Lots of kanji with tiny furigana. Lots of vocab related to science and crime, and lots of polite converstational speech between characters with ‘filler words’. Occasional newspaper articles are probably the thing I struggle with most. And it does emphasise how amazing kanji is for being able to read ‘new’ words - boat captain, prophet, bone flute were a few that I could automatically understand and read despite never seeing them before.


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