Time effort needed for 10 new lessons per day?

This question might have been asked before but I did not find it: After reaching level 3, if I take 10 new lessons every day, how much time will I have to spend with reviews etc. per day until I reach e.g. level 30? Based on the messages, the time effort needed seems to increase a lot with higher levels? If I have one hour per day, would this be achievable?
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YES! The answer is Yes.

You will spend more time when these reviews return for Burns in approximately 4-6 months. But, the pace should be good for your commitment :grin:

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Someone in the Forum mentioned doing 10 lessons a day and leveling up every 10 days while learning about 1 hour a day. Not entirely sure myself since i have only gotten lvl 10, but it seems about right if i compare with my progress.

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Maybe it’s just the early levels then. I guess I will find out in the long run. I guess it would be around 15 lessons a day in later levels to keep up the 10 day leveling? Maybe someone else knows more about this.

I usually do around 9-12 lessons per day and level up on average around every 15th day:

To OP, @Boppinsolo, with a pace of 10 items per day, you’d probably have to spend around 35-45 minutes per day after a while, depending on how effective you are of course. These are my guesstimates, so take the numbers with a grain of salt. You’d probably level once every two weeks~ish, and it would take about a year to reach level 30.

I highly suggest you divide your reviews into chunks of 4*15 minutes spread across the day instead of a full hour, though, it’s a way more effective way, if possible. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about grammar. Unless you’re in the peculiar situation where you know spoken Japanese but not written Japanese, you’d better devote up to at least 50% of your time studying to grammar or speaking practice at least up until JLPT N3-level…


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I do 20 lessons and average around 150 reviews per day. I’d say 10 lessons would be around 100 reviews per day. You can easily do that in two 20m sessions.

I do 10 lessons per day; never any more. I’m currently on level 24 and have been doing it this way for the last year. I average 1 level every 20-some days since there are days I forget to do new lessons or just don’t feel like it (after burning out two years in a row, I’m taking things very slow now). You’ll eventually get to 70 reviews per day and you’ll spend less than an hour per day on everything. I spend roughly 30 - 45mins (my ability to concentrate depending) in the morning when I first wake up doing all my reviews, and then I’ll do my lessons in the evening (taking 10 mins or so). You shouldn’t have trouble keeping things under an hour this way; especially if you don’t have trouble concentrating.

Yeah, most of the levels have at least over 100 vocab, even though it’s not required to pass a level, it’s still important. e.g. level 33; 7 radicals, 32 kanji, and 101 vocab. If you were to do 10 lessons a day, and want to complete vocab lessons too, it would take 14 days.

Thanks a lot for the detailed information. This is really helpful for my planning and your numbers would be feasible for me - although I am not sure that 10 mins are enough for me to learn 10 new vocabulary items…

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Thanks a lot for the helpful information and suggestions. I am participating in a Japanese class where we are using the Genki book - this seems to be taking care of the grammar…

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