Thursday January 12 2023 Content Updates


(2) - Removed “nail” from the allow list.


(7) - Added (10) to the visually similar list.

(20) - Added (31) to the visually similar list.

(32) - Updated the meaning mnemonic and meaning hint.

(35) - Added (30) to the visually similar list.


金玉 (5) - Updated the meaning explanation.

その他 (5) - Added “somewhere else” to the block list.

公共 (11) - Updated two context sentences.

留学 (16) - Updated a context sentence.

忙しい (19) - Added せわしい to the reading warning list.

強制 (21) - Added one context sentence.

(21) - Added one context sentence.

立派 (21) - Added one context sentence.

審査 (21) - Added one context sentence.

解説 (21) - Added one context sentence.

人権 (21) - Added one context sentence.

実際 (21) - Added two context sentences.

宇宙人 (21) - Added two context sentences.

大敵 (21) - Added two context sentences.

経済 (21) - Added two context sentences.

条件 (21) - Added two context sentences.

確認 (21) - Added two context sentences.

選挙 (21) - Added two context sentences.

事件 (21) - Added two context sentences.

履き物 (21) - Added two context sentences.

固有名詞 (21) - Added two context sentences.

暴走族 (21) - Added two context sentences.

女権 (21) - Added two context sentences.

定義 (21) - Added two context sentences.

書評 (21) - Added two context sentences.

他動詞 (21) - Added two context sentences.

暴力団 (21) - Added two context sentences.

批判 (21) - Added two context sentences.

いい加減にしろ (21) - Added two context sentences.

権利 (21) - Updated a context sentence.

分解 (21) - Updated a context sentence.

検査 (21) - Updated a context sentence.

理解 (21) - Updated a context sentence.

総体的 (21) - Updated a context sentence and added two context sentences.

資金 (21) - Updated a context sentence and added two context sentences.

評論 (21) - Updated a context sentence and added two context sentences.

資本 (21) - Updated a context sentence and added two context sentences.

秘密 (21) - Updated two context sentences.

布地 (21) - Moved きれじ to the warning list and added two context sentences.

任務 (21) - Moved “mission” from the allow list to the alternative meaning and moved “job” from the alternative meaning to the allow list, updated one context sentence.

挙がる (21) - Added “to be raised” as a primary meaning and updated the meaning explanation.

贅沢 (23) - Added “する verb” as a word type.


Thank you, Jenny. Lotsa new sentences, cool!


Lotsa context and more visually similar hints! ドモども!



More context sentences! Sadly, I’ve prolly burned most of 21, but still happy to see things moving in the context sentence direction!


Thanks for the fish


A bold move. Wasn’t that there because it was the old name for the radical before the Great Reform?


That’s right! Since it’s been over three years since these meanings were taught, we’ve taken this one off (following a learner’s confusion) to test the waters before potentially removing others too. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I see myself having troubles in the future… as I came from before the Great Re-Radicals… but only to level 16… and have reset myself down to… 7! Thankfully I have user synonyms on all the levels between… but wow… If that’s not a nail… what is it now? What does Ms. Chou throw on the street? Is the new Ms. Chou less nasty and more loveable? *gasp*

Also, Jenny, I am half-joking.

Fantastic work, some great content updates. It makes me proud to be a lifetime member that you’re all still hard at work making improvements as much as you can. Hooray more context sentences! That will help me a great deal in comparison. (This time, I’m serious.)

But yeah, I flicked the “keep using old radicals/mnemonics” switch/checkbox, way back when the change first occurred/began to occur.

I was delighted and surprised to see that Nic Cage is still a valid synonym for National Treasure (and when that review popped up, I’m so glad I typed in National Treasure because I was thinking his full name, Nicholas Cage…). 国宝… Right? IME seems to say I’m right… maybe it’s one of the 2 I Guru’d right after my reset…

Thank you for the valuable feedback @AnimeCanuck! We’ll bear this in mind when we come to figuring out what to do about these synonyms.

Thank you also for the kind words! I’m so glad you’re still enjoying WaniKani after all these years. And just between you and me, I’ve added Nicolas Cage to the allow list for 国宝 (which you remembered correctly💯).

Keep up the good work!!

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Typing in his full name doesn’t work, though.




I appreciate you taking my feedback seriously. Also, hooray for that teensy change. ;D Nicholas Cage, and all. XD

I noticed when finally doing new lessons (and earlier when perusing some lower levels to decide which to reset to) the parts of speech section - I found it super handy to see those examples of use for 考え expressions, and also funny for 火星 at the same time. It seems a lot of information, that is hard to take in when trying to get through my lessons, but I’m very happy it’s there as it will certainly be useful for learning the language as I stumble through the grammar more. So thank you for this amazing update in the 2-3 years I was away! <3

@Belthazar : But I don’t want to! *whines* I felt like I un-learned enough already, just being away! XD

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