Thursday, bloody Thursday

I think Thursday has a curse for me, at least as far as WaniKani is concerned. I’ve known how to read, write and say 木曜日 since I was a child. And yet just about every single time it comes up for me in my reviews I manage to insert a typo and I fail. It’s now in my “critical condition items” list. Bloody Thursday. Anybody else have a cursed word like this?


Thursday = cursed day
The tree is cursed
It’s 木曜日

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Probably, just can’t think of it right now.

Lately I have been confusing 木曜日 and 土曜日 in speech, simply because Thursday in my native language also starts with ‘do’ (donderdag).

On Saturday I 土 nothing.

On Tuesday, there was a fire 火曜日
On Wednesday, people came to put out the fire with water. 水曜日
On Thursday, the trees started coming back to life again. 木曜日


Thanks! I do know them, though. It is mainly a problem when I am switching between the two languages.

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On Friday, you get money (gold) 金曜日
On Saturday you do nothing
On Sunday there’s a sun
On Monday there’s a mon



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