Three way app for vocab

Is there an app where you can put in vocab, have one question on the kanji and one question on the reading?
So, basically if it shows you ‘book’, you would have to fill in a field: 本 and a different (separate) field for ほん
KaniWani is only for WK.
I would like this for my own vocab (Genki).

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I think you would be able to do this with Anki by making your own cards. I think you’d technically have to make 2 cards, 1 for each type, but it should work. I know it’s also possible to include a field to type the answer with Anki. Maybe find a deck that already does this to see how it works.

I don’t really want to make 2 cards, I want them to stay together.
So I don’t level up the kanji, but still fail the reading.

Anki has linked cards that basically reverse the question and answer. So one shows the Japanese and ask for the English and the other does the opposite. It might be possible to change those to work the way you want. I don’t know enough about Anki to know how to do it, or even if it can be done. Might be worth checking the Anki forums and asking there.

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