Thread hill?

Are both “netting” and “cable” really the same radical combination?

This was confusing so I ended up not using “hill” in the “netting” kanji at all.


Hmm, not sure why they use hill for 網. The 亡 part contributes to the phonetic element of the kanji, lending it its もう reading, so it would probably help to make note of it in the mnemonics. Though that’s a place they could improve a lot of mnemonics generally.


I recently found out why this was such a massive leech for me. In the mnemonic they say that the hill of thread is a little weirdly shaped, which is because the hill of thread is a hill of nets rather than a hill of ropes.
I am now able to distinguish them after rereading the mnemonics for a few times, but I guess that it would have been much easier if they used the actual 亡 radical instead.

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