This Site Is Too Slo...?

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I am very angry. This site is far too good at teaching kanji! Kanji is supposed to be hard, dammit! Instead, this site just slots perfectly into my schedule and teaches me kanji at an inexorable but maintainable pace. There really needs to be an option to do the first four or five levels over a few days so that people can level up faster, get a huge pile of reviews, and quit because learning kanji is impossible. None of this slow and steady stuff just for some lame reason like “It works” or “You won’t quit after a week”. Because of this lame site, I already know around 100 kanji. Meany Koichi is teaching me kanji against my will!


Just wait… you will start seeing kanji in your daily life. Just the shape of things will look like kanji. You will recall vocab and the readings out of the blue or start chanting your mnemonics until another kanji shape enters your sight. Then you know, this is your calling.

At least, that’s what THEY say… :smiley:


Why continue the discussion? The thread is locked and the OP isn’t coming back. It seems like there are already multiple examples of similar threads.


The specific post in the linked thread mentioned that there weren’t as many positive threads as negative, so I made this.


Wow, I just read through that thread. I looked at it when it was first posted and dismissed it. I would have missed all that juicy drama if it weren’t for you. Thanks OP! Drama like this makes me miss the old forums; they were a bit wilder.


Definitely up for more Wilder.


I’ll have this Wilder, thank you


We’ll come back to this post a year from now and say the same thing about the old juicy wk forums


Damn, that’s kinda what’s been happening to me lately :joy:

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The first one’s always free. After that you come back forever.

Wani kani should come with difficulty settings, that would make everyone happy !

Hard mode: for people who already know some kanji.
Starts with 200 pre learned radicals and 1000 new kanji lessons. If you get anything wrong it’ll go all the way back to apprentice 1.

Give me Crabigator of War mode: for people who already know all the kanji.
Starts with all prelearned radicals, and all new kanji lessons, but if you get one kanji wrong you die in real life.


I was all “YAY” until this /\ part.


All you people do is post cartoons.

Pfffft! wears jetpack and leaves


This comment genuinely made me laugh, thank you


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