This is why we don't slack off people

Yes that was all in one go. It took me about 3 hours. The C average hurts my pride a little bit, but oh well. Now excuse me while I go potty.


Has happened to me in the past too, haha. Seriously though, 73% is kinda impressive. Mine was in 50-60s when I goofed off for a week and I had like 400 items to review.

EDIT: I just saw you had 750+ items. Now that’s… incredible.


Wow… that’s a lot of reviews, I’d be delighted with 73%

It’s still early days for me but that’s the average I’m getting for my vocab reviews and I’m doing them daily :sweat_smile:


Big oof. :sweat_smile:


if my calculations are correct you averaged 15 sec per answer which is super impressive! (but i’m not good at math so I might be mistaken)
Very good soundtrack choice too :smiley:


per Item. Roughly seven seconds per answer.
If you take into account that he had to answer atleast 3 times for each wrong item its closer to 6 seconds per answer.


Damn, incredible work getting through that all in one go. I had a stack of 1300+ when I came back and that took a couple weeks for me to get through. The best I managed to do was 400 in a day.


Awesome work sticking to it!
Those are A LOT of items to go through, and 73% is not a bad rate at all given that you did the review later than the SRS wanted you and attempting to concentrate for 3 hours straight :slight_smile:


I’m failing most of my 50-60s reviews because I slacked off too much. But you know what they say, every failure is a chance to learn. Again. And again. And again…


oh oh you’re right grumpypanda! thank you for the correction so tacos2day’s speed is not just impressive, it is insane!!
not to mention the mental effort of staying focused for 3 hours :exploding_head:


Noice! :durtle_noice: 73% is a normal review for me which used to bother me but now I just roll with it. When they all come back around you get to do it all over again!! But look on the bright side, you got :100:% on your radicals!


lmao, I dont know what level you were when you posted this, but those are babby numbers now
i do 2000+ reviews on a weekly basis

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Jokes aside, I know the feeling.


I kinda want to know what your て-form practice is? I could always use some conjugation practice.

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It’s a pretty cool resource I’m pretty sure I found on tofugu (I know of all of the places). All sorts of conjugation practice for different verb forms


Holy, that’s a lot to review! How long were you away for? C for 73% sounds harsh, do you live in USA by any chance? It’s a B/B+ here in Canada.


In most schools in the U.S., 73% would be a D.

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What that’s wack. The schooling system needs an update then. That would make it so 80% of people in classes (using stats from my past university courses) would be failing with a D.

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Wow, I never knew exams in the US were that different :smiley:
I’ve taken plenty of exams where 75% got you an A

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An a with a fourth answered wrong or not at all? :open_mouth:

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