This is getting ridiculous

I meant there is no reason to stress over parsing the radicals here because they are arbitrary pieces to remember kanji. Call them what you want, change the meanings if it helps you level up or remember things easier. Wanikani’s radicals are real to the site…but since they are by no means official they aren’t worth taking time to remember if you don’t want to…

(Personally I didn’t use the mnemonics on this site. I just liked the SRS flashcard like feature and the level up system to mark progress). But for sure people who look at all the kanji and think like, little stool pirate should probably try to keep up with the ones the site gives you.

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How do you do a level in 3.5 days? That’s impossible.

I always see this:

  • you unblock a level, new radicals appear
  • you guru the radicals (for that, about 3.5 days have to pass) and then you need to guru the kanjis, which take around 3.5 days

So I can’t see how you could save some days…

Unless there’s a mistake in my reasoning, but reading other posts it seems the minimum number of days per level is about 6~7 days.

I did it about 15 times. That’s how many levels have few enough radicals to make it possible.


Ah, I see the problem.

Your reasoning only holds for lower levels.
As long as you get enough kanjis at first (>90% of the total for that level), you can guru all radicals + enough kanjis to level up in 3.5~4 days. Those are called (informally) fast levels. Pretty much all levels after 40 are fast levels.

OP is complaining that their level could have been fast, but isn’t, for no specific reason.

EDIT: DAMMIT @Leebo (I mean, it’s NOT a race, I know, BUT STILL :stuck_out_tongue:)


Absolutely agree.

In fact, kanjis that are radicals, in my humble opinion, should use the main meaning of the kanji instead,not a new one. Using two or three is annoying.


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