This a bug?

So… is this a refresh bug?

Trying to import a pic from phone to explain issue

I wait with bated breath.


I’ve had the thread open for 38 minutes :sweat_smile:


You should probably stop bating your breath, then.



I appreciate your dedication. Separate issue came up. Applied a driver fix.

Edit: Driver did nothing. PC bluetooth unavailable. Can’t transfer pic to pc to post. Unless you all know how to import a pic from a droid directly to the forums, I can’t supply a pic.

Short story: app put in the answer instead of symbol for the hills. Nothing major. A refresh didn’t fix it

Sorry to waste your time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just e-mail to yourself. That’s what I usually do.

I usually use Win10s built in bluetooth to wirelessly send them to my pc. Discovered it was no longer working. Didnt reconsider emailing them to myself. Did it anyway and discovered it’s an error in durtles.


Anyways, as you can see… nothing major… or even applicable to WK.
Thanks for the 38 mins of bated breath. You can hold your breath like a champion now.


Flaming Durtles doesn’t show images for the radicals which don’t have unicode characters (such as hills). Instead it displays the name. Nothing to do with your phone.

As for adding images on mobile…


How’d you do it? Mine doesn’t show an option.

There should be a button with an image icon in the bottom right, as in the screenshot. Or maybe in the toolbar as on desktop.

I tried that and it didn’t work. Of course, now it does


It always works when someone’s watching.

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