Third vocab example always too complex

I’m guessing this is on purpose, but I’d like to understand why/get recommendations as to how to go about it:

Ever since I reached level 4, the third example sentence on vocab lessons always utilizes complex, yet-unlearned kanji. Why? Do I google them, or just let it be? Seems a bit odd.

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It’s on purpose. The third vocab example usually showcase a different meaning of the word or an interesting idiom or expression involving the vocab and generally complex and native-level like Japanese.

I think the idea is to come back and read them once your level of Japanese is high enough, to learn a bit more about now familiar words.


I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Take from it what you can from that section at that point and move on.

Until you’ve got some kind of grasp of Japanese grammar, the most useful thing to get from that section is learning how the word can be used from seeing how it fits into the English translations.


The “third” sentence used to be the only sentence on each entry. They went back and added easy sentences later on.


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