Things you use with WaniKani?

I finished Genki I & II, currently doing Tobira and Shin Kanzen Master N3 along side WaniKani, KaniWani and 3 Anki decks.
I also have Shin Kanzen master N2 and N1 reserved for later purposes :wink:

So WaniKani should actually be a rather small part of your studies, it will pretty much cover all of your useful Kanji recognition needs (basically you’ll be able to read and understand 99% of texts you encounter in your daily life).

What WaniKani won’t teach you:

  • Grammar (you’re pretty much useless without it)
  • Vocab recollection (being able to “reproduce” vocabulary/kanji without having a visual aid, use KaniWani for this)
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing (optional, I use this WaniKani writing practice Anki deck)
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