These example sentences are

Ok, this is my favorite example sentence:


reading this I just realized…だって訳はない sounds super weird lol. Is that even right

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lolol. Should be では, no?

Yeah I just asked my coworker and he said the right way is dewa, but this way just sounds more frank and sometimes people say it apparently. So I wouldn’t exactly suggest using it as a learner, but you might hear it I guess. Google certainly doesn’t have many results for it lol.


Oh interesting, thanks for checking back!

Many of the context sentences do have a colloquial, spoken vibe.

I’m not quite sure where I fall on the issue of grammatical correctness (well, I’m usually on the “incorrect” side).

On the one hand, it’s a language learning site for beginners. On the other, it’s useful to know how people actually speak.

Spoken language is often less grammatically correct than written (in any language). Dropped particles are probably the most common difference.

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