The voice actress makes a pause in 第一段 - Is this normal?

So, the way I pronounced 第一段 before listening to the audio was like 「だいいちだん」while the voice actress seems to make a pause between 第 and 一段. I checked other words like 第二章 and 第一印象 and I can feel a pause too, but not as big. Maybe it’s because those words use the voice actor instead.

Am I’m hearing this right or is it just my imagination? If I’m correct, is this pause because of the use of the prefix? Is this a general rule to pronounce words using a prefix?

Item’s page: WaniKani / Vocabulary / 第一段

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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My girlfriend is sitting next to me and she said that while it’s obviously spoken a bit slowly, she doesn’t see anything wrong with the pause.

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Hum, ok. So I imagine that the pause I’m hearing is just the voice actress trying to pronounce it slowly. Got it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick help and thank your girlfriend for me o/

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