The vocab word wanikani!

So I reached the level, where wanikani taught me the word 鰐蟹 “wanikani”. And for this word alone the voice of the man who pronounced was very different from the other ones. I wonder, that was it Koichi’s voice? Is this some kind of easter egg, that the wanikani word is pronounced by Koichi, the creator???

Did someone else notice this too???


That’s Kouichi’s voice, alright! Cool.

I wonder if there are any more easter eggs like that? Hmmm… :eyes:

Have you watched any Tofugu videos? Koichi’s voice is very recognisable to me for some reason.

Yeah, Tofugu videos was how I found WK to begin with.

I just realize that the vocab word is “Wani Kani” and not “WaniKani” or “wanikani”. Is this the proper spelling ?

Well isn’t it two words not one? Alligator and Crab?

It’s one word, Koichi calls it the “crabigator” which is also a non existent word like wanikani in japanese. Since this word doesn’t exist, it’s useless about arguing how you write it. But Koichi made it one word it’s the crabigator, which is a crab with alligator head.

When you press Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Select-Start all the vocabs will be read by James Earl Jones with Darth Vader breathing sounds added.


@koichi we need this :pray:


I just learnt this word as Vocab at 50 :slight_smile:

Its like an achievement for reaching the final level but reality is right around the corner lol.