The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Jpdb also does something like that and has a bigger library, I’m not sure if it filters by WK or not.


hmm, they got season 1 while koohi has season 2

moar coverage

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Their srs is hot garbage compared to mine though

Like saying jisho is better than wanikani because it has more words on it

Whoa there.
Do you want to give some reasoning or just throw out insults?

I’m not really sure what insult I’m throwing out. They literally just have a flip card system or import to anki like every other Japanese website that isn’t actually primarily an srs

Same thing with websites like and satori reader. They got an srs tacked on but they’re not good or fleshed out, just conveniently there. They’re reading apps not srs.

Likewise, jpdb is a database for words and statistics in mediums, not an srs.

Koohi is an srs. Wanikani is an srs. Kitsun is an srs. Their srs work better out of the box than all the above websites because that’s the point of them

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That can be considered as insulting. :slight_smile:


I mean sure. Id also say that libraries are hot garbage at being hotels and I’m sure people would know that that wasn’t meant to be demeaning if they knew what I was getting at

But yes, we weren’t on the same wavelength when I posted that so mb

On the flip side, since we’re being sensitive to potential insults, maybe you could see how someone saying my resource doesn’t deserve to be on a list because someone made a stripped down version whose main benefit is just that allows for user-submissions could feel insulting to my work. Whether it was intended to be or not

Where did this happen? My friend asked for resources, someone had already offered yours, and I mentioned another I found handy. I don’t see anyone besides you saying one is better or more deserving than the other.


Sure :+1:
I’ve also explained my opinion and why my reaction was the way it was, so if we’re good to move on then we’re good.

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I’m going to try to compile a list of these, please let me know if just in this post is ok or if I should make a thread!

みんなのうた are songs made/produced by the NHK it seems. It seems the series started in 1961. It’s a song that’s (usually? always?) animated with Japanese subtitles. I think they are supposed to be kid friendly. I’ve yet to come across one that has difficult grammar. Many have furigana as well. I think they are fairly understandable at an N4/WK ~30 level, but if you’re lower level, you might need to use a dictionary. They vary in terms of politeness as well. I will try to exclusively add songs with the video (aka subtitles).

Videos and Playlists


nightmare fuel?


I would love to see a thread on this! Watched a few みんなのうた on random when Malaysia used to have NHK World Premium channel by an IPTV provider I’m using. There were a couple of songs that strikes a chord with me musically (due to how old school, out of the world and weird it sounded) and tried to Shazam but couldn’t find any links.

So maybe with your compilation, I might just find it again within the list. But even if not, your extensive list will still be a pleasure to watch and listen while learning Japanese.

Thank you so much for doing this! :bowing_woman:

P/S: I think in the particular one I was searching for has a kid playing trumpet or an instrument out of tune, yet it “matches” the overall upbeat sound. That was one of the hilarious ones I’ve heard! Last but not least, the original “Oyoyo Man”! I could only find the spoofs or covers on Youtube, but not the one I saw on NHK >.<

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Thank you! I’ll probably make a thread this weekend then :slight_smile:

Did you check the whole playlists linked too? :slight_smile:

I’ll keep my eye out for them and try to ask my colleagues. They’re probably more familiar with all of those songs anyway.

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Only from the ones you’ve posted, but not the related videos within Youtube. I’ll try to dive deeper after my Japanese class tomorrow.

Thank you again for your time and effort making awesome NHK-related threads! :partying_face:

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Ah, thank you! I’m glad you appreciate them!!