The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Why is Michel Thomas japanese missing from the list?

If you find something missing, you can always add it to the list! The first post is a wiki, so everyone can edit it.


Hey guys, I was clicking some links and found that “WaniKani Reverse Vocab” in Memrise List doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe someone else made a course in memrise similar or we should take it out of the list?

If you don’t know of any such resource then I say remove it. If someone else finds a new one they can add it then. It’s a wiki, and you’re a member, so just go ahead and remove whatever resources you find that don’t exist anymore

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I was going through the list and saw Rikaichan still being on the list for Firefox browser extensions, however that one doesn’t exist anymore and should be replaced with Rikaichamp which I believe to be the spiritual successor of the Rikaichan (I never got to use Rikaichan as I only started my journey recently). I would edit it in myself since it says the first post is a wiki and everyone can edit it but I can’t find out how, unless the post got restricted to trusted members only.

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You must indeed be Trust Level 2 (have the “Member” badge) to edit wikis

edit: I fixed it

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Makes sense I’d say. Would you be so kind as to review my proposed addition/replacement? :slight_smile:

edit: ありがとう!

edit2: Speak of the devil, I got my member badge


…and with that you became a member, lol


The gods are kind on this blessed day, praise be the crabigator


Hello. A while ago I made an app for Android, it’s about learning japanese transitive and intransitive verbs in pairs with SRS. The app itself is free, but with an option to purchase extra features.

If a member think it is worth adding it to the list it would mean a lot, thanks!

Japanese Transitive Intransitive Verbs - TaJi - 他自


So sad to say that WaniConjugation doesn’t exist anymore. It was really a great resource, I hope someone creates something similar… :pensive:


That’s sad. I have removed it from the list

I found this neat site the other day. It has most of the exercises from Genki 1 and 2 for easy self-studying. It’s more interactive and there’s need to flip through pages and pages to find the answers to the exercises in the answer key, etc.


You are welcome to add any resources you find. As you are a member you can already edit the OP

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Oh, it’s a wiki post, I didn’t notice ^^" I’m not sure in which category it’d fit though…

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I’m at 60 now and want to start reading while still using the data I put in Wanikani. I know there are some WK friendly readers. I will have a look at them.
OTOH I also think about using a brower extension. Are there any browser extensions allowing me to access my Wanikani data?

You can try this one: Katsu: practise Japanese conjugation - 活用

Thank you! It’s not bad, but I already have apps that do that kind of quizzing… What I liked about the wanikani conjugation tool is that, on top of using the API to offer you only verbs you’d learned, it forced you to enter all the forms (that you chose) for each verb. It wasn’t perfect but it felt more thorough to me :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention this earlier but I added Nihongo Con Teppei and Hapa Eikaiwa to the podcast list!