The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!


No one owns this list. Add whatever you feel appropriate ukKr5

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Perfect! :japanese_goblin:



Added Beelinguapp and TangoRisto to the Android apps. (Also available for iOS as far as I know.) These are apps for reading and listening exercise, also good to train speaking by repeating the native audio. I use and enjoy them both, so I thought I should recommend them.

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I do not know which category is because they have different types of content but I would recommend

There are street signs to read, random vocabulary generator to learn, JLPT compilations, Japanese learning resources compilation(resourception) :smiley:

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Added Charles Kelly’s Online Japanese Language Study Materials to Resource portals section per @Benedek’s suggestion

Expanded mobile apps section into device categories

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Added the Kanji Code to the Kanji section as from Tofugu’s Japanese Learning Resources: March 2019