The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!


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I would vote for adding italki to the list. I’ve only used the writing section, and while I haven’t used Lang-8, from what I’ve heard it does seem to be similar.



  • Tandem Language Exchange to Writing section
  • italki to Speaking > Paid resources per @Saruko’s suggestion


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  • Skype description in Speaking > Online resources section
  • Japanese Phonetics by Dogen in Speaking > Online resources section
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  • Japanese Pitch Accent Memrise course to Speaking > Online resources section


There was not. The example Discourse had mentioned headers specifically so I assumed only headers would work.

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Mmm, yes. I seem to remember having this exact discussion. I might have even done this already.

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I’ve changed it back to < h3 > tags and removed the top horizontal rule as the heading tags all have space above them. The ideographs are real emoji now too, so they should work inside of a HTML tag.


Does anyone know where I can find the core 6K for anki? The link is no longer available and I can’t find it through the deck browser on anki.


Thank you so much for the links! This should be really helpful!


There is a Japanese storybook called まんが日本昔ばなし (Manga Nippon Mukashi-Banashi) that has traditional Japanese stories with the translation side by side. The Japanese side has furigana for all of the kanji. I’m not sure how much it costs (I checked it out from my local public library) but I think it would be a good addition to the list.


Do you know the social network Speaky ? it makes you meet people who speak the language you want to learn and learn the language you speak.
It consists of a web application, android application & Iphone application. It’s essentially free. There is a premium but it more about supporting the developers (it gives you unlimited google translation that you can get for free anyway using the google translate application).

Disclaimer : Speaky is made at my workplace (Altissia).


Wowwww such a useful post organizing all Japanese learning resources, it’s so nice to the learners!

By the way, I am trying anonline video flashcard to learn phrase the anime character speaks. It looks fun so far. And the best point is it is free too!

For those are interested.


No Japanese?


The interface with English and French. The video content is Japanese anime or movie.


@Shiawase The publisher’s website for A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar by Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui (The Japan Times, Ltd.) is listed in the book as


I added the intermediate and advanced books to the list and linked them to their respective pages on the publisher’s website.
As a member you could have done this yourself, since you have the ability to edit wiki posts.


Ok thank you, I didn’t know.


Lots of good resources here. Thanks for the post.


Hello fellow students!
I am sure this list of resources will be eventually very helpful for me but right now it’s kind of intimidating. I am only looking for some really basic grammar - sentences like “I am”, “You are”, “I do”, “I did”, “The cat is white” and so on, preferably with SRS. Can you please help me pick the right guide because when I tried to pick a random one, there were sentences way too hard for me. I need to start with something simple.
Thanks in advance.


There aren’t many grammar sources with SRS. Bunpro starts with beginner-level N5 material, though it doesn’t feature full grammar explanations like textbooks do.

If you’re willing to live without SRS, I would recommend Tae Kim’s guide or Genki for good beginner material and explanations. You could also pull sentences from those sources and put them in Anki for some level of SRS.


I’ve added KameSame under Section KANJI > WaniKani community resources. @searls

Feel free to edit my addition because I’m not an English native speaker.