The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!


I’ve added 日本語文型辞典 英語版 ―A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners.

I’m finding every day more and more terms that simply aren’t in the DOJG series. Besides having to look into just one book for all grammar inquiries it’s of great convenience.


Here’s a website that decomposes Kanji into simpler Kanji, links them to Jisho and shows them all at once in order from the least complex to the most complex ones.


I do not know if this resource has already been checked by anyone, but I like the clean and easy structure:

I read the grammar points there and then practice them with Bunpro


I got the intermediate one in the mail today today and it has romaji too! Argh, just gonna have to try to not let it annoy me too much. :smiley: Really can’t imagine why an intermediate level student would need romaji but maybe they just wanted everyone to be able to read the book but the romaji is nor even in the sentences but all the grammar points are written in romaji… I really don’t see the point in this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



  • Learn Hiragana: The Ultimate Guide to Kana section
  • Learn Katakana: The Ultimate Guide to Kana section


  • Textbook section to Textbooks and Grammar.
  • Online textbooks section to Online.
  • Paid online textbooks section to Paid online.

Moved Bunpro to Paid online section
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  • Though I hope the Kana section doesn’t become an ever expanding list—as I think it’s a short hurdle for most early learners—I thought it was disservice not to include the Tofugu resources on learning kana.
  • Bunpro could likely remain in the free section with a disclaimer until May 10, I chose to keep this unambiguous. This is debatable though and I almost feel guilty for including the disclaimer.
  • It also seems that LingoDeer will become a paid app, though there is no official statement on this.
  • A section might also need to be expanded or added to accomodate the ever-expanding “learning app” market.


I didn’t see this in search, but I can’t recommend and enough.


Be nice if Discourse allowed linking within a page. Make the TOC actually jump to the sections…


I just found out that it is possible. I’ll hook up the whole TOC later, but if you’re interested you can have a look at the Kana section for an example.

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Thanks for the reminder @DaisukeJigen and @Kumirei.


For Turkish speakers, has free courses which has video, text and tests.
For your consideration.


I would really like to recommend the website The site has become my go to site for more detailed grammar explanations.


@Shiawase I don’t see in the list yet. I think it is a good website for beginners to practice both reading and writing all three scripts, and to learn vocabulary and grammar.


just commenting so I can be nosy and keep an eye on this. Love these ‘everything else you need to live the Japanese language life’ posts.


Thanks for pointing me to the J-CAT! Thought you might like to know that the “Core 6000” Anki Deck link is broken.


Removed the asterisk system.

  • It was rarely used (5 or 6 times)
  • It was completely opinion based.
  • It just took up space rather than helping


Has anyone checked to see if Lang-8 is accepting new applicants/accounts again?

My comment on that is fairly old…


I have not used it yet, but I see it recommended by language learners all the time, including on WaniKani… is there a reason iTalki hasn’t been added to the speaking section?

I guess I’m just surprised because it’s been around a good while and according to their homepage, in addition to having paid tutors they have language exchange, forums, and a Lang-8 sounding writing section.