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Thoughts on collapsing the sections?



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Thoughts on collapsing the sections?
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Collapsed with Headers looks great and gives a much better overview imho. Would buy :upside_down_face:


^^ ditto but I don’t see an option for collapsed with (i’d like to vote this one) or without headers on the poll :sweat_smile:

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Added a poll for the headings :+1: Poll business is difficult :sweat:


Seems like positive feedback for the collapsed sections + headers, I’ll change it tomorrow :blush:


Hey @Gakushuusha, Bilingual Manga looks like a great resource, but I’m not sure of the legality of the service and wasn’t able to find any disclaimers mentioning whether they had a licence to distribute the content, or any links to the publishers websites.

We don’t want to get the WaniKani team in trouble! So as per Goal 5 [WaniKani Community Goals] I’ve removed the resource for now.


Wow, it looks amazing and clean now! Love the emoji you added, too. Thanks for your work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mikagu has a few useful tools:

  • Immerse with Migaku Browser Extension [$]: Chrome extention which tracks known words and allows easily creating Anki flash cards from web sites and web-based video. (Firefox extension planned.)
  • Mikagu Dictionary: Anki add-on which makes it easier to add dictionary definitions and word audio clips to Anki cards.
  • Migaku Editor: Anki add-on for enhanced editing of Anki cards.
  • Migaku Flexible Grading [$]: Anki add-on to replace review buttons with Fail/Pass buttons, as well as answering from the front of the card.
  • Migaku Japanese: Anki add-on providing Anki note types for text and audio vocabulary and sentence notes. Includes support for adding furigana and pitch access to fields.
  • Migaku Kindle [$]: Anki add-on to create Anki cards from saved Kindle dictionary look-ups.
  • Migaku MPV: MPV plug-in that allows Immerse with Migaku Browser Extension to be used with videos played in MPV.
  • Migaku Vacation: An Anki add-on to schedule days off and account for sick days. Similar to WaniKani’s vacation mode, but with more features.
  • Migaku Retirement: An Anki add-on that can suspend or delete Anki cards that you’ve learned well.

Note: Items marked with [$] require a $5 Patreon subscription to access. I believe the Migaku team plans to release these for free at a later date.


I see! Sorry about that then, I found the site to be very helpful, but I didn’t really think about the legality of it :sweat_smile:.

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@Kumirei actually added the emoji a long time ago! But yeah, it’s more mobile friendly now, the list was getting pretty big! And I hope it encourages people to add to the Immersion sections and I think it adds more flexibility to be able to add useful guides to each section, too.

This would be good in Tools under the General practice and tests section. You could link to your breakdown with a [Details] tag after the link.

That’s okay!

Hello everyone!

Recently, I have come across a nice website to learn grammar (they only have until JLPT N3 though). It is called Shirimono. Like Wanikani, it is based on the SRS system to make you memorize them better!

Thanks :pray: I’ve added it to the same section as Duolingo.

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I don’t know if someone has mentioned it here but there a re a few graded readers here :


Where would this fit under? It’s an overview with short explanations of each grammar point. The explanations aren’t detailed, so I wouldn’t recommend it primarily to learn from, but it’s a good overview.

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I just wanted to say that Assimil, the publisher of the Japanese course I’ve been recommending all this time, Japanese with Ease, finally has released a digital version of the English edition. Here’s a link:

There’s still no sign of a physical copy of this edition, but there are apps that run on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, and there’s a free trial that offers access to the first seven (of 98) lessons, so I’d say this is a good opportunity to try out this course and get hold of it if one finds that it’s suitable.

(I’m not sure where to put this because it’s not an online textbook, but it’s also not a physical textbook. I would call it a ‘digital/digitised textbook’, but it seems strange to create a new category just for one course.)

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Noting that “Erin’s Challenge! I can speak Japanese.” site closed. Luckily, they opened a new site! I’m not sure what (if anything) changed between the sites, so I can’t speak to that, but I replaced the old link with the new one.


I didn’t see anyone else add it yet, so hopefully it doesn’t overlap–but I added Sarah Moon Japanese, a Youtube channel discussing grammar, songs, and the show Sailor Moon.

Mobile supported dictionary / fast mobile app to recommend? Featureful, like suggest-on-type, and wildcards ○○, may be helpful.

I am on Android.

I also may need OCR; but even Google Translate’s camera doesn’t always work.

I am looking for search history, to build my vocabulary lists as well.

Sometimes vocabularies / phrases don’t exist. It would be helpful to add.

Kanjiverse has word/kanji frequency, suggested completions, let’s you filter by a ton of restrictions, let’s you keep track of your search history, and keep track of a personal list.

It doesn’t have OCR, but it does have a look up by kanji component. I also don’t think there is any way to add things (it is all just pulled from jmdict)

I’m looking for a resource that I previous found on the forum, but can’t currently find. It has decks of vocab for specific books/manga/anime. You can enter your WK level to filter out all known vocab that way iirc. I think it starts with a c but I just can’t remember the name…

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