The Scandinavikanians

Actually, they are. Everyone on WaniKani. Every single member, it turns out


Not that surprised if most of the swedish people would be from stockholm though…

I would be, we’re not even a million strong in Sthlm

Still a lot more than any other city in Sweden :slight_smile:
Like Gävle just got superhappy because we became more than 100 000 people :joy:

But it’s nothing compared to other cities around the world

I can’t believe I live in a more people-rich area than you, all I see are trees and cars! (Yeah, I just checked the population of my city and it’s higher than I thought)

Även om vi sjunger “Stockholm i mitt hjärta…” så måste jag säga att vi Göteborgare finns också på WK :wink:
Still it’s really cool seeing so many from Stockholm on here :wave:

Hej Glenn! :wave:


Haha hejsan! :wave:
Vad kallas en typisk Stockholmare?

Jag vet inte :thinking:

Hm, kanske vi ska kalla alla Kumirei fr.o.m. nu :wink:

Låter som en bra ide :100: :fire:

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Typ… “Macke” eller nåt.

I am from the Netherlands, but have been living in Sweden, Värmland, for nearly 12 years now.

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Du är svensk i hjärtat :purple_heart:

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Yes, I love it here. :slight_smile:

Stockholm has a population of almost 2 million, if you count the actual län and not just the kommun (Swenglish for the win). I don’t live in the kommun myself, for instance, I live in glorious Järfälla. :slight_smile:

@obskyr @Kumirei Gather as many stockholmians as you can, and we can all speak terrible, broken Japanese to each other! うれしいーーーーーー!

@Kumirei Jösses amalia, din bakgrundsbild är animerad! Och den är FANTASTISK. Kumiko och Reina :smiley:

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I wonder… did any of you other Stockholmians ever study Japanese formally?

I’m just studying on my own. I’ve never taken any lessons. Quite simply, Swedish high schools generally don’t offer Japanese classes… I do want to study Japanese at uni, but I guess I’ll just have to see if that’s offered wherever I end up in August.

Also, Japanese courses? Ones not tied to an educational institution? Is it just me, or do they seem kind of… silly? Not that they’re not serious, but I’ve got the impression that their pace would be a bit too slow for my tastes.