The reverse review

What’s the simplest way to setup reviews where you get asked the English word and you get to reply with a Japanese reading?

I wish this would be a WK feature. I’ve signed up for Kitsun but I can’t see a super easy way to import my WK turtles.

I suppose you can use or (there are lots of threads on here as well)


There’s been talks about creating an EN -> JP deck on Kitsun (like KW), but the creator wants to ask for permission to the WK staff. Any updates on this? @neicul

KaniWani can also be synced with your WK account (via your personal access tokens) so as to quiz you on the vocabulary you have unlocked in WK. I find it a nice way to reinforce my vocab retention/understanding.

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I use the Self Study Quiz script with a setting “Voc Meaning -> Reading”. I often use the “Voc Audio -> Meaning” as well so that I need to type the english meaning from the japanese pronounciation. There are lots of additional ways to set up the script as well.

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