The reason I suck at grammar, and what I am trying to do now (with 1 question)

The cause of agony is probably, I am too focused on vocabularies; so I forget the structure. I tried to guess the meaning of the sentence based on vocabularies too much.

Now, I rename the grammar with a new name, “structure” and learn “structure” using example sentences from Jtest4you, focusing not on the meaning of sentences, but on whether I recognize the structure itself…

On Anki, I tried to do 20 cards/day, with Anki’s default settings (instead of my usual 4-hr, 8-hr interval). (I still limit the review to 50 cards/days, though.) The result is…

I can also supplement the sentence with either furigana or English words.

It also helps simplify a more complex sentence structure.

I have exported a sample of my Anki deck to Google spreadsheet. (Before, I tried to do it on Google Spreadsheet, but I changed my mind. It is easier to edit 1,000 cards on Anki, 20 cards per day, than editing in batch on the spreadsheet.)

My question is… 大学院に入ろうと思っています。

Why is 入ろう here? Let’s go in? Why is it in this form?

I believe you cou can also use the volutational form when thinking / talking to yourself:


Let’s go to graduate school (just me)
I want to go to graduate school


I’m thinking to myself “Let’s go to graduate school”
I’m thinking of going to graduate school

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Thanks. So, 大学院に入ろう。means 大学院に入たい。(in this case only.)

[verb, volitional form] + と思っている indicates a decision that you’ve previously made or been in the process of making.

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Thanks for a sound explanation.

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You may no longer need this, but here’s bit more on the subject: Trying or attempting something – Learn Japanese

The part about と思うis in the very last paragraph

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At some point, I might should return to your Tae Kim’s Anki deck. But now I am back to みんなの日本語.

I have always wonder how I should learn grammar with Anki. Filling in the cloze test, when I am ready with it might be a nice choice; even if I am focusing on the interpretation.

大学院に入る means “to enroll in graduate school”.

[quote=“polv, post:3, topic:17360”]
So, 大学院に入ろう。means 大学院に入たい。(in this case only.)
[/quote]No. I think you meant to say 大学院に入りたい。(You left out the り.) What this sentence says is “I want to go to graduate school”.

I am planning / thinking of enrolling in graduate school.

This is the use of the volitional form of the verb 入る. This form is combined with と思っています to mean “I am thinking of doing …” or “I am planing to do …”

Reference: Genki Volume 2, page 79. Japanese For Busy People 2, page 166.

If you haven’t studied volitional form yet, you should not include this sentence in your Anki deck yet.

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Not sure if you meant mine as in I made it, but if so I just wanted to clarify that I didn’t make the deck :slight_smile:

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I do make I mistake with 入りたい.

But it’s not that I haven’t study. It’s the matter of how I should re-study. I can mostly read and listen up to N4-N3 anyways.

I have already studied vocab up to N3, stuck at some N3 vocab.

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