The radical six

It’s a bit hard to see where it fits, because the radical is never used anywhere :slight_smile:

For the mythical update it would the good the clean up the radicals used 0–1 times a bit (looks at raptor cage).


I remembered seeing this at some point.


Wow, your memory is something else! I had no recollection of this thread at all, and I was the one who wrote it :flushed:


At some point some of the radicals were changed, they must’ve changed this one so no more Kanji used it, but forgot to get rid of it.

that looks radically different from what I remember.

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Just to expand: The answer I was given from @anon20839864 when I mailed them in the original thread (in march 2017) was

“We’re making some huge radical changes soon and this will be fixed in the process.”

It makes me wonder if removing items is tricky, or if Tofugu constantly feels like they are very close to launching the radical overhaul?

It’s a very minor thing though, and not something that really affects anyones learning. Just an interesting curiosity. I am also in no way or form checking the page for the 六 radical every three hours since march last year, because that is something only insane people does and I am surely not insane.

…BRB :eyes:


it’s not used in wanikani because it’s busy being used in the zero escape series :+1:

I thought this was going to be a thread about putting together a posse called “The Radical Six”, and the first 6 people to jump in got to be in the gang…


This sounds like a fantastic idea, sign me up

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Yeah, this has been going for a while already. I feel like if they get to fix the radicals’ situation, they’ll be able to do a lot of other things better. Wish they could get more specific about this instead of leaving us with a “it’s tough, it will be on soon enough”.

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