The quick or short Language Questions Thread (not grammar)


I always tell beginners not to worry about it. It will work itself out as you gain experience.


Thank you !


Thank you I am trying to learn to vocab I think it helps making connections and speeds up the learning.


In Japan, when you buy something from a store, do you say anything to the cashier after paying? In English I’d say “thanks” and maybe add “have a nice day”, but I wanted to know if people generally say anything similar in Japan/Japanese.

I’m kind of asking because I’d heard it would be weird to say ありがとう, though I don’t remember where I heard that.


There are Japanese people who say that it’s weird to say thank you. I don’t really care, I always say ありがとうございます as they hand me the change or the bag, whichever I receive last.


どうも is an option too.