The quick or short Language Questions Thread (not grammar)

My recommendation after Tobira would be one of these two:

I think the second one is a little easier. However, just be aware that there really are a lot of technical words in there, and everything is in Japanese aside from the translations in the vocab list. To give you an idea… in the first sentence of chapter 1, there are at least three kanji compounds I’ll need to look up, and I think every single sentence after that is the same. (I took a quick glance a few months ago, and I’m currently waiting to get back to my physical copy so I can get started.)

You can of course try working with newspapers first, which are honestly probably a little easier because they’re not as saturated with technical terms (provided you pick a domain you’re familiar with, that is), but if we flip that logic around, well, that means that studying with that textbook will get you to improve much faster.

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