The Place Where the Supreme Being Stores His Books

When I looked up “library” on I discovered this kanji 嫏, which according to the website means “the place where the Supreme Being stores his books” or “library”. Upon searching for words containing the kanji I found out there were none in their database. This all seems very mysterious. However I managed to find the word 嫏嬛 in Chinese which similarly means “mythical place where the Celestial Emperor stores his books”. Does anyone know something about this place where the Supreme Celestial Emperor Being stores his books? I would love to find out more, maybe one day I could visit!


It’s not on Kanjipedia, either, which is the kanji database run by the people who make the Kanji Kentei, so it’s not one of the roughly 6000 kanji that they test people on. I didn’t see anything on the English or Japanese wiktionary pages either.

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What a lovely concept! I’ve never heard of it before, but I’ve got access to a large library where I am; maybe I could track something down.

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This is obviously the Crabigator’s private library, holding the secrets of the universe. It is guarded by a woman butcher bathed in a brilliant white light, who will kick anybody who dares to trespass (and then slice up their body as a sacrifice).


Very interesting discovery!
According to the wiktionary, it can be found in the Dai KanWa Jiten.
I guess the “Celestial Emperor” is cool enough for having his own Kanji to refer to his private library.


Wow so Diana Ross has a kanji for her library?

Oh I thought you said the Supremes…


I think the Chinese just had every eventuality covered:



I wonder how people manage to find such a Kanji…


Now that would be telling…

(Lo and behold my fearless friends, I have returned!!!)

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